What kind of mouthpiece did Dexter Gordon use?

What kind of mouthpiece did Dexter Gordon use?

Dukoff BD Hollywood tenor saxophone mouthpiece
Dexter Gordon played on a Conn 10m and a Dukoff BD Hollywood tenor saxophone mouthpiece during the Blue Note era until the mid-sixties. There has always been a huge debate about which model BD Dukoff Dexter Played, the 1945 medium chamber or this 1949 large chamber model.

What tip opening did Dexter Gordon use?

.080 tip opening
The first thing that amazed me about that Dexter Gordon model tenor sax mouthpiece is that it has a . 080 tip opening! This is quite small in relation to modern tenor saxophone tip sizes so I thought it was a mistake.

What soprano mouthpiece does Kenny G use?

On soprano, he uses a Dukoff D8, which is a metal mouthpiece designed to produce a loud and cutting sound.

What mouthpiece did Ben Webster use?

Ben Webster He achieved his big, vibrato-laden sound on a metal Otto Link with a small tip opening and a big chamber, and 3.5 strength Rico reeds. He began on a Conn New Wonder tenor.

Where are Meyer mouthpieces made?

1971 MEYER ‘MADE IN USA’ MODEL These are the current production mouthpieces and were made at the Babbitt factory since the mid 1970s.

What soprano sax does Kenny G use?

Kenny G plays a variety of saxophones, primarily the Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone and the alto and tenor saxophones. In a recent interview, he revealed that his Soprano Saxophone was indeed his love from high school and all songs that he recorded back then, were in fact, from the saxophone only.

What mouthpiece did Gene Ammons use?

Brilhart Ebolin mouthpiece
Early in his career Ammons played a Conn model 10M Bb tenor saxophone eventually switching to a Selmer Mark VI. He is often pictured playing a Brilhart Ebolin mouthpiece.

What kind of mouthpiece did John Coltrane use?

Coltrane used a metal Otto Link mouthpiece.

What mouthpiece did Hank Mobley?

Some of the musicians that used the Otto Link TONE MASTER included: John Coltrane (He put a wedge inside his Tone Master so that it would get signature bright sound. His mouthpiece was a size 6.) Hank Mobley (tenor)

Are Meyer mouthpieces good?

The Meyer Brothers mouthpieces are also known for having a very good quality hard rubber compound that produces a very rich sound.