What is WP 34S?

What is WP 34S?

WP 34S turns either of these calculators into a powerful keystroke programmable scientific device. According to our customers, it’s the most powerful and fastest RPN scientific pocket calculator ever built. WP 34S is alive and stable since 2011.

Can I use a wp-34s as a calculator?

You could get an HP-30b, flash it with the WP-34s frimware, apply a keyboard overlay from Eric, and happily use it as an HP-42s and do all the things you could do with that calculator, and not use half the functionality of the WP-34s.

Is the 34S an HP product?

It is not an HP product, but it is rather a community-created product based on an existing HP calculator platform. The software of the 34S was written largely by Walter Bonin and Paul Dale, initially just as a PC program. Later, Marcus von Cube joined the team and made it run on the HP 20b/30b platform.

Is the HP wp-34s a good keyboard for programming?

Any seasoned long-time user of HP’s RPN is likely to enjoy the rich function set of the WP-34S, and the familiar programming model. Since it also includes the integer based functions from the 16C, it is a handy tool for programmers. The only downside to this project is the relatively poor quality of the HP-30B keyboard.