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What is UGK?

What is UGK?

Since its founding in 2013, Underground Kitchen has established itself as one of the most lauded dining experiences in Richmond and across the Mid-Atlantic, known for pushing culinary and event-driven boundaries. The cuisine, yes, is an integral part of UGK, but that’s not all. We aim to excite the senses, create community, and explore new worlds.

What happened to UGK’s super tight?

Unlike their previous album, Super Tight managed to break into the Billboard Hot 200 and ultimately peaked at #95; their third album, Ridin’ Dirty, peaked at #15. Ridin’ Dirty would also be UGK’s last album for the time being, as they went on a five-year hiatus not long afterward.

What was UGK’s first album?

In 1992, UGK was signed to Jive Records under a five-album contract, releasing their major-label debut album Too Hard to Swallow. While it featured several new recordings, it also featured several songs that had been culled from The Southern Way.

Where are UGK members Pimp and Bun from?

Originally from Port Arthur, Texas UGK members Pimp and Bun were from the same town as Janis Joplin and Robert Rauschenberg. Though the town of 60,000 has a significant African American population, it was not known for its rap scene.