What is the theme tune to The Bill called?

What is the theme tune to The Bill called?

It featured the first version of the iconic theme tune, “Overkill”, composed by Charlie Morgan and Andy Pask.

Why did The Bill change its theme tune?

The iconic music – best accompanied by a pair of plodding feet – has been inexplicably ditched as the show moves post-watershed to 9pm on ITV1 later this month. Drama boss Jonathan Young explains: “We want the new theme music to get the audience to concentrate a bit more and focus.

Why did The Bill get Cancelled?

The broadcaster said that the decision to drop the series was made as part of a creative rethink of its drama schedule, which has seen the development of popular short run shows such as Collision and Above Suspicion, and not on cost-cutting grounds.

Is Sun Hill police station real?

The first series of The Bill was filmed on a shoestring budget in Wapping, East London, with the interior of “Sun Hill police station” actually housed within a former cigarette packing factory.

How does The Bill end?

The final shot is of the exterior of Sun Hill station, with Neil and Grace, holding hands as they leave, and Jack going to his car to drive home, and a dedication message to the men and women of the Metropolitan Police Service past and present appears, before the credits roll, to a mixture of the new theme music, and …

Who was in The Bill the longest?

Simon Rouse, as Jack Meadows, appeared in 884 episodes, including the series finale “Respect”. He is the longest serving actor to portray a character in a senior role.

Is The Bill coming back in 2021?

The Bill is set to make a huge comeback to television in 2021 with three original characters. The classic cop drama that aired for 26 series from 1983 until 2010 on ITV looks to be making a return.

Why are police called The Bill?

Growing up in South London the term ‘old bill’ came from Bill and Ben the flower pot men, a children’s puppet show on TV. The Police always patrolled in two’s, hence people would say here comes Bill & Ben which then got shortened to here comes the bill.

Who was the last DCI in The Bill?

Simon Rouse played Detective Chief Inspector/Superintendent Jack Meadows from 1990 until the series finale. He was the longest-serving character to appear in the finale; he was with the show for 20 years, however he was a recurring character between 1990 and 1992.

What happened to Mickey from The Bill?

Mickey made a series of guest appearances following his departure, the first being the live episode a few weeks after his departure in which it was revealed that Mickey now worked for MIT.

What year did The Bill end?

August 31, 2010The Bill / Final episode date

What is the summary of Bill’s story?

“Bill’s Story” wastes no time, beginning with its author’s introduction to liquor upon his return from the First World War. He had been warned before that alcohol could be a dangerous mistress, but he had always failed to heed the warning.

When did the bill start and end?

The Bill is a British police procedural television series, first broadcast on ITV from 16 October 1984 until 31 August 2010. The programme originated from a one-off drama, Woodentop, broadcast in August 1983.

How many episodes of the bill are there?

The Bill finished on 31 August 2010 after 2,425 episodes. The Bill broadcast two live episodes. The first was in 2003 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the pilot, Woodentop.

When was the bill originally conceived?

The Bill was originally conceived by Geoff McQueen in 1983, then a new television writer, as a one-off drama. McQueen had originally titled the production Old Bill.