What is the recommended safe distance to be from the radiation source to protect yourself from scatter radiation?

What is the recommended safe distance to be from the radiation source to protect yourself from scatter radiation?

During a portable x-ray exam the safest place to stand would be the area of the black X, to the left or the right of the patient, but most importantly atleast 6 feet away.

How many feet away from a patient can you have radiation?

Scatter radiation exposure, the most common type of exposure you will receive in diagnostic radiology, is reduced to 1/1000 the exposure the patient is receiving if you stand one meter (approximately 3 feet) from the patient.

Does distance reduce radiation?

A greater distance from the radiation source can reduce radiation exposure. The amount of radiation exposure is not inversely proportional to the distance from the radiation source, but is inversely proportional to the square of the distance [2,4].

Does distance effect radiation?

The inverse-square law states that radiation exposure and distance are inversely related. That means that as the distance from the source increases, the intensity of radiation decreases.

How does distance affect radiation?

Can you drive after radiation?

Will I be able to drive after my radiotherapy treatment? Almost all patients are able to drive while receiving radiotherapy treatment. However, with some types of cancer, driving may NOT be recommended due to fatigue or strong pain medication.

What is 28 days rule in radiology?

If pregnancy cannot be excluded the 28 day rule applies The vast majority of routine diagnostic examinations fall into the category of a low dose procedure. If pregnancy cannot be excluded but the menstrual period is not overdue according to the 28 day rule proceed with the examination.

Is it safe to conceive after an xray?

Radiation doses from routine medical x rays are too small to affect sterility or have an effect on a future pregnancy. Therefore, you do not need to wait after diagnostic x-ray exams before trying to become pregnant.

What is radiation distance?

“Distance” refers to how close you are to a radioactive source. Maximize your distance from a radioactive source as much as you can. This is an easy way to protect yourself because distance and dose are inversely related. If you increase your distance, you decrease your dose.

How far away from an X-ray beam is it safe?

If the R.T. stands at a 180-degree angle from the patient, is 6 feet away from the x-ray source, wears the appropriate protective apparel and is not in the beam’s primary path, the occupational exposure should be minimal. The old adage that knowledge is power applies well here.

How far away from the source of radiation is it less intense?

The further a person is from the source the less intense the radiation source is. When the distance from the source is doubled the intensity at the new distance is only 1/4 the original intensity. When performing portable x-ray exams a tech should be atleast six feet from the source of the radiation.

What is the distance away from an X-ray source?

The guidance document ANSI Z54.1-1963 will tell you to set (adjust) the distance (boundary) away from an x-ray source so that a member of the public (nonbadged person) will not get more that 2 millirem (mrem) in an hour, and not more than 100 mrem in a year.

Why is it important to maintain distance from the X-ray generator?

This means that double the distance from the radiation source can reduce the radiation exposure not to 1/2 but to 1/4. Therefore, maintaining a greater distance from the X-ray generator is a very effective method for radiation safety.