What is the price of Nita Ambani saree?

What is the price of Nita Ambani saree?

INR 40 Lakh
Use Of Precious Gems On The Saree Nita Ambani’s INR 40 Lakh saree features precious gems like emerald, ruby, pukhraj, cat eye, pearl among others as per a report by kalamtimes. For jewellery, she teamed her stunning saree with a striking diamond necklace with emerald drops and matching earrings.

Which saree is very expensive?

Did you know: the Ravi Verma painting saree by Chennai Silk is the world’s most expensive saree priced at Rs. 39,31,627? Acknowledged by Guinness Book of World Record as ‘the world’s most expensive sari’, it has been designed by the handloom weavers of city-based textile house ‘The Chennai Silks’.

Which is the most expensive saree in India?

Top 10 Most Expensive Sarees in India

  • Kasavu Saree From Kerala.
  • Paithani Saree From Maharashtra.
  • Sambalpuri Saree From Odisha.
  • Chanderi Saree From Madhya Pradesh.
  • Muga Silk Saree From Assam.
  • Bomkai Saree From Odisha.
  • Pochampally Saree From Telangana.
  • Bhagalpuri Sarees From Bihar.

Who wore most expensive saree in the world?

Nita Ambani is the wife of the wealthiest man in India and she herself is also one of wealthiest women in the country.

What is the cost of Nita Ambani lipstick?

Yes, you read it, right! It is also reported that Nita Ambani’s lipstick collection’s worth is estimated to be Rs. 40 lakhs.

Which silk is costliest?

mulberry silk
The most expensive silk and arguably the most well-known for luxury high-end fashion items is mulberry silk. Silk farmers feed caterpillars mulberry leaves to make cocoons over several weeks. Mulberry silk is very expensive because of its costly production and very consistent quality.

Which is the costly silk saree?

Navratna stones and gold embroidery- Chennai Silks used all that and more to weave the ‘Vivaah Patu’, the most expensive silk sari in the world at Rs. 40 lakh ($74,830), and entered the Guinness World Records.

Who is Ambani’s wife?

Nita AmbaniMukesh Ambani / Wife (m. 1985)

Who is the son of Mukesh Ambani?

Akash Ambani
Anant Ambani
Mukesh Ambani/Sons

How many Rolls Royce Ambani have?

He has around 168 cars in total, but here, we give you the most expensive and unique ones in his garage. Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, you name it….Rolls Royce Phantom.

Price ₹ 4 Crore
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How much is the price of Nita Ambani’s saree?

The price of this delicate saree is a whopping amount of Rs.40 Lakhs. The saree has got its place in the Guinness World Book Of Records. Nita Ambani wore this saree in the year 2015 at the wedding of Reliance CEO Parimal Nathwani’s son.

Are these the most beautiful sarees in the world?

The most expensive saree worn by Nita Ambani has Lord Nathwada depicted on the back of blouse. No doubt these richest people have loads of money to spend on these things. All said and done, do believe that these two sarees are some of the most beautiful sarees in the World.

Is a sari wearable?

The sari is very much wearable. The weight is not a concern because once the sari is draped; one can hardly feel the weight. Our model wore the sari for the TV advertisement.” Below is the pallu of the World’s Most Expensive saree. Here is the image of a model wearing the World’s most expensive sari.

Who is Navnita Ambani?

Nita Ambani is the wife of the wealthiest man in India and she herself is also one of wealthiest women in the country. Therefore, in sync with her net worth and status, she is often been spotted wearing expensive outfits and flaunting extravagant bags, jewelry, watches and footwear.