What is the energy in cm 1?

What is the energy in cm 1?

For example, the reciprocal centimetre, cm−1, is an energy unit equal to the energy of a photon with a wavelength of 1 cm. That energy amounts to approximately 1.24×10−4 eV or 1.986×10−23 J.

How do you convert from eV to cm 1?

Converting and dealing with inverse centimeters (cm-1), microns, nanometers, wavelengths, wave numbers, electronvolts (eV)

  1. Wavelength in µm = 10,000/cm-1
  2. Wavenumbers in cm-1= 10,000/µm.
  3. Wavenumbers in cm-1= 10,000,000/nm.
  4. d( Wavelength in µm) = (10,000 * d(cm-1)/(cm-1)2)

How do you convert energy units?

Power units can be converted to energy units through multiplication by seconds [s], hours, [h], or years [yr]. For example, 1 kWh [kilowatt hour] = 3.6 MJ [megaJoule]. With 1 kWh, about 10 liters of water can be heated from 20 ºC to the boiling point.

Is cm a metric unit?

The metric system is used to measure the length, weight or volume of an object. Length is measured in millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m) or kilometres (km).

What is this cm?

The centimeter (abbreviation, cm) is a unit of displacement (distance or length) in the cgs (centimeter/gram/second) system of units. The cm is equivalent to 0.01 meter, and there are about 2.54 centimeters in one linear inch.

How do you convert eV to kJ?

Please provide values below to convert volt ampere [V*A] to kilojoule/hour [kJ/h], or vice versa….Volt Ampere to Kilojoule/hour Conversion Table.

Volt Ampere [V*A] Kilojoule/hour [kJ/h]
0.01 V*A 0.036 kJ/h
0.1 V*A 0.36 kJ/h
1 V*A 3.6 kJ/h
2 V*A 7.2 kJ/h

How do you convert J to kJ?

To convert a joule measurement to a kilojoule measurement, divide the energy by the conversion ratio. The energy in kilojoules is equal to the joules divided by 1,000.

How do you convert kJ to KG?

Please provide values below to convert kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg] to kilogram/kilojoule [kg/kJ], or vice versa….Kilojoule/kilogram to Kilogram/kilojoule Conversion Table.

Kilojoule/kilogram [kJ/kg] Kilogram/kilojoule [kg/kJ]
0.01 kJ/kg 100 kg/kJ
0.1 kJ/kg 10 kg/kJ
1 kJ/kg 1 kg/kJ
2 kJ/kg 0.5 kg/kJ

What kJ means?

Energy as kilojoules A kilojoule is a unit of measure of energy, in the same way that kilometres measure distance. Food energy used to be measured in Calories (Cal) and some countries still use those units. The conversions are as follows: 1 kJ = 0.2 Cal.

How do you convert kJ to J?

How do you convert JK to kJ?

Please provide values below to convert joule [J] to kilojoule [kJ], or vice versa….Joule to Kilojoule Conversion Table.

Joule [J] Kilojoule [kJ]
0.01 J 1.0E-5 kJ
0.1 J 0.0001 kJ
1 J 0.001 kJ
2 J 0.002 kJ

What are the units of energy conversion?

Energy Conversion Calculator. =. Common units BTU (international) (BTU) Calorie (international) (cal) Electron Volt (El V) Erg Foot-Pound (ft∙lb) Horsepower-Hour (hp∙h) Inch-Pound (in∙lb) Joule (J) Kilocalorie (international) (kcal) Kilowatt-Hour (kW∙h) MBTU Newton-Meter (N∙m) Therm (thm) Common units Attojoule (aJ) BTU (thermochemical) (BTU)

What units are used to convert joules to energy?

Complete list of energy units for conversion joule [J] 1 kilojoule [kJ] = 1000 joule [J] kilojoule to joule, joule to kilojoule 1 kilowatt-hour [kW*h] = 3600000 joule [J] kilowatt-hour to joule, joule to kilowatt-hour 1 watt-hour [W*h] = 3600 joule [J] watt-hour to joule, joule to watt-hour

What is the SI unit of energy in kJ?

A Joule, J, is the SI unit of energy and is defined as one kg.m 2 /s 2. The prefix “kilo” means 1,000, so one kJ = 1,000 J.

How do I enter my energy value?

Enter your energy value in the box with the appropriate units, then press “tab” or click outside of the input box. Hartrees eV kJ/mol kcal/mol cm-1