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What is the difference between VNX and VMAX?

What is the difference between VNX and VMAX?

And, of course, there are connectivity differences: the VNX has integrated NAS and the VMAX requires a separate gateway. The VMAX supports mainframes, iSeries and a few untypical host types out there; the VNX doesn’t. And, of course, some of the software functionality is very different: TimeFinder, SRDF, etc.

What is Vmax technology?

Technology and Architecture VMAX systems are high-end, scalable storage platforms intended for open systems and mainframe computing. The VMAX system features a bay containing one to eight engines and separate rollup storage bays.

What is Vplex Vmax?

VPlex is all about information mobility and federation of data between data centers. It works with both EMC and non-EMC storage. It also comes with tighter integration with VMware vSphere and EMC RecoverPoint data protection as part of EMC’s Hybrid Cloud strategy.

What is Vnx?

The Dell EMC VNX series is a family of unified hybrid flash storage arrays that combine block-based and file-based storage solutions in a single platform. VNX arrays use the EMC SMI-S Provider open storage management interface.

What is VNX storage?

Dell EMC VNX is a family of enterprise-grade unified file and block storage systems. The Dell EMC VNX family of storage systems combines data storage scalability and flexibility with industry-leading simplicity and efficiency, reducing the total costs of ownership and operation of the storage system.

What is difference between Vmax and VMAX3?

VMAX3 inherited the same engine based concept from VMAX. Basic building block for VMAX3 is Engines. Engine consists of two redundant director boards (controllers) that house global memory, front-end connectivity, back-end connectivity & internal network communications components.

What features differentiate PowerMax from Vmax?

PowerMax takes much from the existing VMAX architecture but brings significant upgrades such as support for NVMe flash drives and inline data deduplication. Like the current VMAX AF, PowerMax implements a multi-controller architecture based on so-called “PowerBricks”.

What is Dell EMC DataIQ?

DataIQ, a storage monitoring and dataset management software for unstructured data, provides a unified file system view of PowerScale, ECS, third-party platforms and the cloud – delivering unique insights into data usage and storage system health.


The VNX systems provide a wide set of connectivity options for block access and for file access as a NAS system.

What is the difference between VNX and Vmax?

VNX is a modular storage , where as Vmax is an Enterprise storage with Varied configurations unlike VNX, in short. There are many such differences which may be pointed out.

What is the difference between the vnx7600 and the SP?

The VNX7600 is designed for the high-end, mid-capacity space. This model supports block, file, and unified configurations, and utilizes a DPE chassis. The SPs in this model use a 2.2 GHz, eight-core Xeon E5 processor with 64 GB of RAM, supporting a maximum of 1000 drives with the following host connectivity options: FC, iSCSI, and FCoE.

What are the specs of the Dell EMC vnx5500 and vnx5700?

Dell EMC VNX5500, VNX5700 and VNX7500 Specs, Comparison and EOL Info VNX5500 Specs VNX5700 Specs VNX7500 Specs Maximum Capacity 500TB 1000TB 2000TB Dual Controllers Yes Same Same Maximum FC Ports 16 24 32 Maximum SAN Hosts 4,096 4,096 8,192

What is the difference between EMC VNX and VNXe?

VNX family overview The VNX family includes the VNXe®, VNX, andVNX2 series arrays. The VNXe series is designed for small-to-midsize storage environments, while the VNX series is designed for midtier-to-enterprise storage environments. The VNX2 series is EMC’s next generation of midrange-to-enterprise products.