What is the bloodiest Rambo?

Rambo: The Franchise’s 10 Most Brutal Kills

What is the bloodiest Rambo?

Rambo: The Franchise’s 10 Most Brutal Kills

  1. 1 Stick Around (Rambo: Last Blood / 2019)
  2. 2 Take A “Bow” (Rambo: First Blood, Part II / 1985)
  3. 3 .
  4. 4 The Throat Tear (Rambo / 2008)
  5. 5 Pipe Down!
  6. 6 Machete Kills, Again (Rambo / 2008)
  7. 7 The Grenade With A Real Kick (Rambo III / 1988)

What is John Rambo’s body count?

Note: the entire film has a total body count of 127.

What military rank was Rambo?

Rambo finally received his official military discharge on September 27, 1974. His final rank is not known but, judging from the crossed arrows (officer) insignia on the lapel of his Army Alpha Dress Green uniform, it is safe to assume that he was either a 1st Lieutenant or Captain.

Is Rambo a human?

Rambo was an actual U.S. soldier in Vietnam, but he never returned. His name can be seen on the Vietnam War Memorial wall in Washington, DC.

Which Rambo movie has the most kills?

Rambo racks up a whopping 254 onscreen kills, a large amount happening via the explosion of a powerful bomb. The most recent Rambo movie, Rambo: Last Blood, sees the Vietnam vet rack up a further 46 kills.

Who is John Rambo in real life?

Sylvester StalloneRambo: Last Blood
Neil RossRambo: The Force of FreedomDean CochranMeet the Spartans
John Rambo/Played by

Does Rambo have a disability?

The court explained that “because Rambo has suffered a permanent partial disability, there is a signifi- cant possibility that he will at some future time suffer economic harm as a result of his injury.

What Mos was John Rambo?

His rank is a little more mysterious, but he has the cross-arrows of a Special Forces Officer on his dress uniform (and not the “US” pin worn by enlisted personnel), since this is the specialty insignia for MOS:18A, he was probably an officer.

What bow does Rambo use in the movie?

Hoyt is known for crafting some truly superb compound bows, and it makes sense to see one of their models in a Rambo flick. This uber-popular weapon was turned into a pop culture icon thanks to an outrageous scene where Rambo blows an enemy soldier to smithereens with an explosive-tipped arrow.

What happened to Rambo’s bow after he killed Tay?

After killing Tay with his bow, Rambo is left with no arrows left. Sgt. Yushin arrives in a helicopter and drops a fuel bomb onto the waterfall he is at. Rambo flees as Yushin drops the bomb and discards his compound bow so he can run faster.

What is the most brutal kill in the Rambo series?

Catching him with a bowie knife to the stomach, Rambo emerged from behind the tree to face his opponent before disemboweling him right there on the jungle floor. It’s one of the most brutal kills in the entire franchise! 5 Pipe Down! (Rambo: Last Blood / 2019)

Why does Rambo get excited about the compound bow?

He is given the compound bow by Marshall Murdock, and Rambo becomes excited, as he believes that the mind is the best weapon, and you can use a bow to your advantage more than a gun. As Rambo assembles the bow so he can assault the NVA convoy, he recalls how he learned to become an expert archer.