What is the biggest deer shot in Illinois?

What is the biggest deer shot in Illinois?

Illinois land manager and whitetail expert Don Higgins joined that elite group on October 30th, when he arrowed a buck he’d named “Mel.” The 220-inch whopper was Higgins’ third 200-plus-inch buck, and almost as impressive was the history Higgins had with this 4-year old Prairie State trophy.

How long after sunset can you shoot deer in Illinois?

HUNTING HOURS One-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Persons hunting deer must have gun unloaded during hours when deer hunting is unlawful. See “Legal Hunting Devices” for description of unloaded muzzleloader. Permit: Before hunting, you must sign your permit.

How far can a deer go after shot?

The distance it travels before stopping could vary from only a few yards to 100 yards. In many cases, a deer with an abdomen wound will stop within 50 yards. Once the deer stops, it could stand in place for one or more minutes. I know of one liver-shot buck that ran about 80 yards before stopping.

Can you shoot a deer from your house in Illinois?

IDNR allows deer hunting at many of our owned or managed sites. Hunting is also allowed on private property IF you have received prior permission from the landowner or tenant.

What is the world record nontypical whitetail?

With the help of Wayne Porath, deer biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, Murphy scored the trophy (for the 18th Awards Entry Period) at 325-7/8. Later, the rack was officially scored at 333-7/8, and became the new world’s record non-typical whitetail.

How far off the road can you hunt in Illinois?

It is unlawful to shoot from or across any public road, or to hunt within 100 feet from the center of any such road.

What do you do after you shoot a deer?

Stop and Wait — Before climbing down from your treestand or leaving your blind, wait for a while, at least 30 minutes after shooting your deer. If your bullet didn’t cause immediate death, waiting for a half-hour can help prevent your wounded animal from being scared and further pushed into the woods.

How do I report a successful deer hunt in Illinois?

Successful hunters must register their harvest by 10:00 p.m. on the same calendar day the deer was taken by calling the toll-free telephone check-in system at 1-866-ILCHECK or by accessing the online check-in system at

How do I get a late winter deer hunting license in Illinois?

PERMIT REQUIREMENTS: Illinois resident hunters must purchase a valid Late-Winter Deer Season permit OR have a valid unfilled deer permit. Nonresident hunters must have a valid unfilled deer permit. 1. Purchase an OTC county-specific Late-Winter Deer Season permit: a. Sold over the counter by IDNR License Vendors – Illinois residents only b.

Can you hunt with an unfilled youth deer permit in Illinois?

Unfilled youth deer permits issued as part of the statewide youth-only deer hunting season are valid for all the open counties listed above. *Hunters using an unfilled muzzleloader deer permit may only use a muzzleloading rifle. Online-only application for a Lottery-Drawn site-specific permit a. Illinois residents only b. Application limit – 1 d.

What are the hunting regulations for broadheads in Illinois?

Broadheads with fixed cutting surfaces must be metal or flint-, chert- or obsidian-knapped; broadheads with expandable cutting surfaces must be metal. Go to the hunting page or the Hunting Digest. Where is information for disabled outdoor recreational opportunities? How many deer are there in Illinois?