What is the Adam style of decor?

What is the Adam style of decor?

The Adam style (or Adamesque and “Style of the Brothers Adam”) is an 18th-century neoclassical style of interior design and architecture, as practised by Scottish architect William Adam and his sons, of whom Robert (1728–1792) and James (1732–1794) were the most widely known.

What were the characteristics of the Adam style?

Adam style homes are characterized by their: Simple square or rectangular shape, generally two or three stories high and two rooms deep. Understated exterior design elements, typically confined to the porch or front entry. Narrow and simple columns and moldings.

What was Robert Adam most known for?

Robert Adam was a leader of the first phase of the classical revival in England and Scotland from around 1760 until his death. He influenced the development of Western architecture, both in Europe and in North America. Adam designed interiors and fittings as well as houses.

What is Robert Adam’s role in design and architecture in Great Britain?

Robert Adam, (born July 3, 1728, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scot. —died March 3, 1792, London, Eng.), Scottish architect and designer who, with his brother James (1730–94), transformed Palladian Neoclassicism in England into the airy, light, elegant style that bears their name.

What are the architectural designs of Robert Adam?

Robert Adam (1728 – 92) was one of the most important British architects working in the Neoclassical style – a movement in the decorative and visual arts that drew inspiration from the ‘classical’ art and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.

What is an Adam style mirror?

A small, elegant glass mirror in a typical Robert Adam style, this piece has a swagged urn, extravagantly carved acanthus laves and scrolls. Available in various colours and finishes, with plain or antique mirror glass. All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

What is the two well known American civic buildings designed by Robert Adam?

While Robert Adam is the most famous Neoclassical architect to work in the Palladian style, the most famous of all Palladian buildings are two American civic buildings, the White House and United States Capitol. Both were constructed over long periods under various architects.

How was Robert Adam influenced in his architectural style?

What is classical block style?

A classical block building features a vast rectangular (or square) plan, with a flat (or low-lying) roof and an exterior rich in classical detail. The exterior is divided into multiple levels, each of which features a repeated classical pattern, often a series of arches and/or columns.

What is an Adams fireplace?

The Adam Fireplace incorporates legs in the Ionic style supporting a mantel featuring Adam style swags and medallions surmounted by a dentilled cornice.

What are the characteristics of each different styles of neoclassical buildings?

Neoclassical architecture is characterized by grandeur of scale, simplicity of geometric forms, Greek—especially Doric (see order)—or Roman detail, dramatic use of columns, and a preference for blank walls. The new taste for antique simplicity represented a general reaction to the excesses of the Rococo style.

What is the Robert Adam style?

Adam style is named for Robert Adam, the most famous architect of the British eighteenth century, who revolutionized Neoclassical design and created a style remarkable for its freshness, fluidity, and grace. Adam, born in 1728, traveled Europe as a young man, studying the architecture of Roman antiquity.

What makes Adam’s interior design style unique?

Although classical architecture was already becoming popular, Adam developed a distinctive and highly individual style which was applied to all elements of interior decoration, from ceilings, walls and floors to furniture, silver and ceramics.

What kind of furniture did Adam Smith design?

Adam and his brother James were primarily Architects and designed the furniture to decorate the rooms. Adam’s furniture consisted of huge pieces, sideboards with two pedestals surmounted by large classical urns. The dining room became the most important room with a strong masculine feeling.

What does an Adam Room look like?

Along with abundant classical ornament, an Adam room will have graceful, delicately proportioned furniture in the style of Hepplewhite, Chippendale, or Thomas Sheraton. The furniture is also decorated with classical motifs: swags, lyres, urns, medallions, sheaves of wheat.