What is test tube baby cost in Pakistan?

What is test tube baby cost in Pakistan?

The private sector charges an arm and leg for the procedure. If you approach a private hospital it will charge you Rs400,000 for each session and multiple sittings are required for the procedure.

What is the name of Rawalpindi?

Rawalpindi, also known as Pindi, has a long history spread over several millennia. Archaeologists believe that a distinct culture flourished on this plateau as far back as 3000 years.

What county is Rawalpindi?


Rawalpindi راولپنڈی
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab, Pakistan
Division Rawalpindi
District Rawalpindi

Is IVF halal?

IVF, with its various modifications, i.e., GIFT (Gamete intra-fallopian transfer), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) [11] etc., has been declared islamically permissible, only if the following conditions are satisfied.

Is test tube baby allowed in Islam?

In some good news for childless couples with medical complications, Pakistan’s top Shariat court has ruled that using ‘test tube baby’ method for conceiving is “legal and lawful”.

When was Pindi made?

Rawalpindi was incorporated as a municipality in 1867 and contains Ayub National Park, Liaqat Gardens, a polytechnic school, a police-training institute, an armed forces medical college, and several colleges affiliated with the University of the Punjab. It is also the Pakistan army headquarters.

Who built Rawalpindi?

The district of Rawalpindi was created during British rule as part of Punjab province. The district obtained its current boundaries in 1904 when Attock District was created as a separate district. According to the 1901 census of India the population in 1901 was 558,699, an increase of 4.7% from 1891.

What language is spoken in Pindi?

Inhabitants of Rawalpindi District speak a great variety of Punjabi includes Pothohari, Majhi, Pahari, shahpuri, Dhani and Kashmiri. Although Urdu is also the mother tongue of few people but Urdu being a national language is spoken and understood by sizeable population.

What is surrogacy in Islam?

Islamic ethics strictly advises to form the family solely on the basis of biological ties. Islam condemns surrogacy because the child will be deprived of information about his lineage and may result, unknowingly, in half-sibling marriage which is a dangerous consequence for a society.

Is surrogacy Haram in Islam?

Islam prohibits surrogacy because it interferes with proper lineage.

Who was the first test-tube baby in Pakistan?

The first ever test-tube baby in Pakistan turned 19 yesterday prompting the pioneer of test-tube baby in the country Dr Rashid Latif Khan to thank Allah for bestowing wisdom on him to serve childless couples.

What is the postal code of Rawalpindi Punjab?

Rawalpindi, Punjab – Postal Codes. Map of Rawalpindi. City/Town/Locality Postal Code Delivery GPO Attock Oil Company Rawalpindi. 46600 Rawalpindi GPO Bagh Jamiri 47390 Rawalpindi GPO Map of Bagh Jamiri Bahria Town.

What is postcode in Pakistan?

in Pakistan PostCode is a 5 digits code that is normally written at the end of an address which allows automated sorting of mail to a particular post office or Address. A postcode also knows as Postal code and zip codes.