What is OMFA?

What is OMFA?

We are an organization of volunteers serving music festivals across the province, and through them, over 170,000 young classical musicians. OMFA’s main objective is the development and encouragement of talented Ontario youth in the performance and knowledge of classical music and music theatre.

When does registration start for OMFA provincials 2022?

Registration for Provincials will begin in February, 2022. • We are also excited to offer new classes this year in Popular Voice and Popular Piano! • There has been an important change in rules. At the recent OMFA AGM it was decided that competitors MUST take the first recommendation they are given. Meet the team behind OMFA.

How much does DFA pay for a couch in Manitoba?

The Government of Manitoba establishes a DFA program for this disaster and the damage is eligible. The maximum amount of DFA available for a primary couch is $700.00. A standard 20% deductible is applied to assistance payments, therefore the maximum eligible amount of assistance for replacing the damaged couch is $560.00.

How do I submit a DFA claim to Manitoba emo?

You are required to provide the following documents to Manitoba EMO in order for your DFA claim to be considered: A signed original copy of the Financial Assistance Agreement (PDF 39KB). The name listed on the Financial Assistance Agreement must match the name indicated on tax documents submitted to Manitoba EMO.