What is NC x/PTR?

What is NC x/PTR?

If you want to print a report in its entirety, NC X/PTR allows you to do this directly from your initial list of reports. NC X/PTR allows you to print part of a report (such as pages that affect only your unit or warehouse).

What does *PTR mean in C++?

ptr will be the variable, of type int *, instead storing a 5 or “foo”, it will store an address like 0xf0f0f004 or whatever it is the address of the variable number. *ptr will be the value of what it is in this address of memory 0xf0f0f004, in this specific case is 5.

What is the difference between NC x/ptr and RMDS?

NC X/PTR was chosen by SIPS to replace RMDS in May 1999. NC X/PTR not only provides us with the same capabilities that RMDS had, but also allows for much more flexibility to customize and distribute reports. The daily, weekly, and monthly reports that are automatically generated by the NCAS system in RMDS will now be produced through NC X/PTR.