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What is LS3 5A speaker?

What is LS3 5A speaker?

The LS3/5A is a commercially produced loudspeaker driven by the need of the BBC to monitor and assess broadcast programme quality. It was derived from the LS3/5, which was conceived and developed by the BBC Engineering Department in the early 1970s, when it was under the stewardship of Dudley Harwood.

What is the best LS3 5A?


  • Harbeth 11 ohm 257.5.
  • Chartwell 15 ohm 243.5.
  • Rogers 11 ohm (lacquered) 243.
  • Spendor 15 ohm 239.5.
  • Spendor 11 ohm 233.5.
  • KEF 11 ohm (lacquered) 233.
  • Rogers 15 ohm 230.5.
  • KEF 11 ohm 226.

What loudspeakers do the BBC use?

After a comprehensive selection procedure, the AIR 6, AIR 20, and BM5 reference monitors from Dynaudio Professional were chosen as the new standard monitors for BBC Radio & Music.

Where are Rogers speakers made?

In 1998 as a result of a dramatic downturn in its Asian exports, the company closed the last of its UK manufacturing sites, and moved all production to Asia, where it has resided since.in 2018 Rogers back to UK. And start making hifi products such as LS3/5a and LS 5/9 and tube amplification E20a.

What happened to Rogers speakers?

In 1993 the brand was sold off to its new Chinese owners Wo Kee Hong Holdings, who had since developed the Rogers brand to include surround sound speakers, car audio equipment, Dolby Digital receivers and plasma and LCD TV screens.

Who owns Rogers speakers?

Rogers today Rogers have been owned by the Wo Kee Hong Group since 1993. Back in 2008 they relaunched the LS3/5A using modern drive units.

Who makes Spendor speakers?

This company, founded in Sussex in the 1960s by Spencer Hughes (a BBC electroacoustic engineer) and his wife Dorothy (hence the brandname) and later owned by Philip Swift, is known for building high-end loudspeakers. Spendor built the LS3/5A and started with a S3/5, which was developed by Spencer’s son Derek, in 1998.

Why is the LS3/5A so important?

Reviewers have recognised its enormous importance as a bookshelf design. The LS3/5A is a commercially produced loudspeaker driven by the need of the BBC to monitor and assess broadcast programme quality.

What happened to the BBC LS3/5 TV monitor?

As the BBC broadcasting unit was about to order another batch of the monitor, it was found that the supplier had modified the drive units, meaning the LS3/5 design had to be fundamentally revised. The BBC’s Designs Department was called upon to adapt the product in light of the supply changes.

How many Harbeth LS3/5As were made?

Of the other main manufacturers, Spendor produced about 22,000 pairs, and Audiomaster 10,000. Dudley Harwood, the BBC engineer instrumental in the creation of the 3/5A, started Harbeth and obtained a licence in 1977, but the company produced no LS3/5As for a decade. Eventually, Harbeth accounted for 7,000 pairs.