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What is Llenns gun name?

FN P90. The FN P90 is used as the primary weapon of choice by LLENN aka Karen Kohiruimaki in Gun Gale Online.

What is Llenns gun name?

FN P90. The FN P90 is used as the primary weapon of choice by LLENN aka Karen Kohiruimaki in Gun Gale Online.

How old is Karen in SAO?


My Rating?
Role? Main Protagonist
Real name? Karen Kohiruimaki
Gender? Female
Age? 19 during SJ1/SJ2. Will be 20 in SJ3.

What is Sinon weapon?

Known as Sinon ingame, her main weapon is the «PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II» sniper rifle, which she earned after defeating a monster in a dungeon. Shortly before the Bullet of Bullets (BoB) tournament, Sinon encounters Kirito, deciding to help him after believing he is female due to his avatar.

How tall is LLENN IRL?

Karen “Llenn” Kohiruimaki is the main character of the Gun Gale Online spin-off series. Karen is an 183cm/6’0″ tall young woman who has developed a complex as she is often teased for her above average height.

Who is Pitohui in GGO?

Pitohui is also a gun maniac who collects guns in-game and, whenever she went monster hunting with LLENN, she would always use a different gun. She always uses live-ammunition guns, even for hunting monsters, despite optical guns being more efficient against monsters.

Did Argo survive Sao?

Argo is alive in Hollow Fragment on Floor 76 at the Teleport Gate of Arc Sophia. she headed up to Floor 76 because contact with the Assault Team was cut off due to players reaching Floor 76 being unable to return to lower floors.

How old is Argo the Rat?

Just going to revive this as well, Argo is 18-19 as of volume 23, because of the year she joined the school (Born somewhere in 2007).

Is kirito in Gun Gale Online?

The story of the second season follows Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya as he plays the new virtual reality game called “Gun Gale Online” (GGO), where he allies himself with a girl named Shino “Sinon” Asada and enters a tournament to investigate a player known only as “Death Gun”, who has the ability to kill a person in the …

What is Sinon’s gun in real life?

Sinon uses a Glock 18C fitted with a 33-round magazine as her secondary weapon; in the original novels it was instead a Heckler & Koch MP7.

How tall is Karen GGO?

Is Sword Art Online an anime?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sword Art Online is an anime television series based on the light novel series of the same title written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec. The anime adaptation of Sword Art Online was announced at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011, along with Reki Kawahara’s other light novel series, Accel World.

What is the first episode of Sword Art Online?

The World of Swords (剣の世界, Ken no Sekai?) is the first episode of the Sword Art Online anime adaptation, as well as the first episode in the Aincrad Arc. It aired on July 7, 2012. By the year 2022, humanity had fully developed a Virtual Reality Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ( VRMMORPG ).

How many volumes of Sword Art Online are there?

Aniplex, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment Japan, distributed the episodes in nine volumes in DVD and Blu-ray format across Japan. Sword Art Online: Extra Edition was released on April 23, 2014, in DVD and Blu-ray limited editions, including a bonus Sword Art Offline: Extra Edition episode.

When does ^Sword Art Online Alicization release?

^ Sword Art Online: Alicization premiered with a special one-hour episode, with pre-screenings in several countries on September 15, 2018.