What is KMFDM?

What is KMFDM?

Emerging from the European underground in the 1980s, German firebrands KMFDM were part of the industrial wave that crashed the mainstream in the ’90s alongside kindred spirits Nine Inch Nails, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and Ministry.

What artist does KMFDM use for their album covers?

Hughes’ artwork has become closely associated with the band’s image. KMFDM has a long-standing relationship with commercial artist Aidan “Brute!” Hughes, who creates the artwork adorning almost all of the band’s albums and singles, which has been called “one of rock music’s most memorable cover art collections”.

How many songs has KMFDM released?

The industrial rock band KMFDM has released more than two hundred songs in their over-thirty-year-long career spanning more than fifty unique releases. Beginning with the British release of 1986’s What Do You Know, Deutschland?, British artist Aidan “Brute!”

Does KMFDM have no pity for the majority?

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