What IS Jncip SP?

What IS Jncip SP?

JNCIP-SP, the professional-level certification in this track, is designed for networking professionals with advanced knowledge of routing and switching implementations in Junos.

How much is the Jncia exam?

$200 USD
Juniper JN0-104 Exam Overview:

Exam Name Junos Associate
Exam Number JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos
Exam Price $200 USD
Duration 90 minutes
Number of Questions 65

How long is Jncia valid?

three years
The JNCIA-Junos certification is valid for three years. Learners can recertify their certifications by retaking the current version of the exam or by passing a higher-level Juniper Networks certification.

Is Jncia-Junos worth?

The Bottom Line Earning JNCIA-Junos certification is worth it because it is relatively straightforward to study for and opens up many possibilities for career advancement.