What is IVAO?

What is IVAO?

Its main goals were, and still are, to provide a friendly and ’fun’ environment for Flight and Air Traffic Control simulation, while still maintaining it ”as real as it gets” as much as possible. Starting with a few dozen friends, IVAO has now grown to one of the biggest flight simulation communities in the world, with nearly 60000 members.

How to fly online with IVAC on IVAO?

Flying online with IvAc on IVAO is quite simple. You just need to get a few programs, and set them up correctly. This manual will help you with these points. First, you need a computer running Windows 2000 or XP (only partial support for Windows 98 and ME). IvAc impose a minimal load on your computer, like any other Multiplayer session does.

How does IVAC work with Ivan?

At startup, IvAc downloads information about all IVAN network servers and starts pinging them. When opening the Connect screen, IvAc proposes a server to use. It is recommended to use this server to spread load on all servers. A default range is setup for the selected position.

How do I connect to IVAO?

When you press the Connect button on the toolbar, you will get the Connection dialog screen (Figure 5.1). Fill in your name, correct IVAO account/password information and if applicable, you may want to hide your SUP/ADM rating by checking the “Hide SUP/ADM rating” box.