What is Imanage work?

What is Imanage work?

​iManage Work 10 is the first document and email management application designed with input from hundreds of professional services users and enhanced with AI-based smart features that boost productivity.

What is Imanage app?

The app user can find and review correspondence and documents, straight from their matters or assignments folders, on their device. Managed by EMM/UEM technologies such as MS Intune, BlackBerry and MobileIron UEM, utilising Android Enterprise, Rubus provides a secure mobile environment for professionals.

What is iManage work 10 desktop?

iManage Work Desktop for Mac seamlessly integrates iManage Work document management capabilities with Microsoft Office for Mac, iWork Suite, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook. It enables you to: Open, edit, and save documents to iManage Work from your Mac device.

How do I use iManage in Outlook?

Right-click the Outlook mail folder in the Outlook tree, and select Link to iManage. A dialog box for selecting the iManage location appears. Alternatively, select Yes on the link to iManage confirmation dialog box that appears when you create a folder or sub folder in Outlook.

What firms use iManage?

AA Thornton.

  • ABC.
  • Abreu Advogados.
  • Acil Allen Consulting.
  • Ackordscentralen.
  • Actuate Law.
  • ADNOC.
  • Air Canada.
  • Does iManage work with SharePoint?

    Linking both the portals makes it effective and easy for employees to visualize and navigate the iManage cloud content within Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. Further, the integration of iManage with SharePoint sets the standards for data sharing and reduces the risk of operational disruptions.

    Who uses iManage?

    About iManage Over one million professionals at over 3,500 organizations in over 65 countries – including more than 2,500 law firms and 1,200 corporate legal departments and other enterprise customers – rely on iManage to deliver great client and corporate work – securely.

    Is WorkSite the same as iManage?

    WorkSite Exporter makes exporting iManage Work documents and their security, history, and metadata fast and easy. WorkSite Exporter provides a simple, intuitive interface for doing bulk exports of iManage Work structures, documents, and data.

    What is iManage email management?

    Intelligent Document and Email Management iManage connects documents and emails and saves them in a single unified folder, organized by client, project, or legal matter. This structure puts all of the relevant information in context and at your fingertips, so you can focus on delivering value.

    What is iManage Outlook?

    The Email Management (EM) task pane (iManage Work toolbar) in your in Outlook folder views and email window has a search box and a drop-down list that provide the following options: File emails quickly to any of the Suggested Locations or Recent Locations.

    Is iManage a document management system?

    Designed by users to work the way they work. iManage Work 10 is the first document and email management application designed with input from hundreds of professional services users and enhanced with AI-based smart features that boost productivity.

    What kind of training do we offer for iManage?

    We also offer a comprehensive catalog of virtual or on-site training classes to help ensure each member of your workforce has the knowledge required for a successful adoption. useiManage is a comprehensive subscription training solution for iManage.

    How do I get help with iManage?

    Log in to your iManage Help Center to get the latest announcements; access product documentation; download installers; find support solutions; learn from informative podcasts and videos, and interact with the iManage Community. iManage offers a full-spectrum of training and user adoption options.

    What is the duration of the iManage work training?

    This training is around 50% practical – you will gain experience using iManage Work Clients After registration, you will receive a voucher code to activate a lab environment. This code is valid for 365 days for activation and will grant access for 10 hours over 7 consecutive days, once activated.

    What is iManage?

    iManage: a people-focused company. After announcing a management buyout from Hewlett-Packard, iManage became the largest independent software company focused exclusively on professional work product management.