What is CATIA DMU Kinematics?

What is CATIA DMU Kinematics?

The Digital Mock-Up (DMU) Kinematics workbench, available in CATIA, allows users to create simulations of assemblies. To have access to this workbench, the KIN product must be installed and available in your licence. For CATIA V5 PLM Express configurations, the KIN product is available as part of the PRX enabler.

What is DMU in CATIA V5?

The DMU Kinematics workbench lets you add kinematic mechanisms to your assemblies. Use these mechanisms to simulate your assembly’s motion. You can then use the simulation to evaluate your design. The DMU Kinematics course gives you the tools to get your assembly designs moving!

Can we do simulation in CATIA V5?

SimDesigner 2005r2 for Catia V5R14 is a suite of V5-embedded simulation programs that let CAD users simulate motion, stress, fatigue, heat transfer, and other physical performance attributes of parts and subsystems.

Can we animate in Catia?

There are 2 main ways to animate assemblies in CATIA: 1. DMU Kinematics workbench – Allows to study and animate parts’ motions based on predefined constraints.

What is DMU design?

The DMU (Digital Mock Up) is a virtual representation of the product and its parts, which organizes and aggregates the components according to the logic design or production.

Can we animate in CATIA?

What is kinematic simulation?

Kinematics is a simulation showing where all of the parts in an assembly are in time as it goes through a cycle. This technology is useful for simulating steady-state motion (with no accelerations) as well as in evaluating motions for interference purposes.

How do you record on Catia?

Tutorial: Making an animation out of any simulation in Catia V5.

  1. Tools->image->video.
  2. Follow the instructions on the image serially.
  3. Press the record button.
  4. Click on “simulation with commands”
  5. Click on the “play” button to simulate and record the frames.

How do I change Workbench to DMU kinematics in Catia v5r16?

CATIA V5R16 Digital Mockup (2) Change workbench to DMU kinematics:- • If the current workbench is not “DMU kinematics”, select “Start/Digital Mockup/ DMU kinematics” on the top menu to change.

How to create a simulable mechanism in DMU kinematics?

Your screen should look like this: Step 2. In the DMU Kinematics toolbar click on the Fixed Part icon and define which component you want to fix in order to create a simulable mechanism. In the opened dialog box click on “New Mechanism” button.

How do I create a CATIA v5r16 digital mockup?

A- 5 CATIA V5R16 Digital Mockup (1) File Open:- • File/Open/Excavator_a.CATProduct (2) Change workbench to DMU Fitting:- • If the current workbench is not “DMU Fitting”, select “Start/Digital Mockup/ DMU fitting” on the top menu to change. (otherwise, it needn’t change) (3) Make the 1stFilm:- • Click “Track”icon

How can I simulate a mechanism in Catia?

In this simulation mode there is a dependent function between command (s) and TIME, and this can be simulated in Catia by using rules and formulas as motion laws. Your mechanism can be simulated by playing with speed and acceleration and you can even set different simulations for the same mechanism applying different laws.