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What is bd Microtainer lancet?

What is bd Microtainer lancet?

The BD Microtainer® contact-activated lancet is a safety-engineered device used for the fingerstick collection of blood. Fingersticks should not be performed on children less than 1 year of age (according to CLSI guidelines).

How can I reuse my lancet BD?

When a subsequent lancet is to be used, rotate the plunger one quarter-turn (90 degrees) in a clockwise direction as far as it will go and a click sound is heard, and back to the original position. This procedure should be performed only once when a new lancet is to be used. One lancet drum contains six lancets.

Are BD lancets sterile?

The lancets are sterile, CE certified and therefore manufactured to European Medical Directive 93/42/EEC with a Class IIa classification. This ensures that you are consistently receiving lancets of the highest quality. Supplied in cases of 2000 lancets (10 boxes of 200 lancets).

What color is the high flow BD contact-activated lancets?

These Contact-Activated Lancets are part of the BD Microtainer™ Capillary Products line….

Color Blue
Flow Type High flow
Needle Gauge 16.5g
Sterility Sterile
Product Type Contact-Activated Lancet with Automatic/Permanent Needle Retraction

What are lancets?

Lancets are the small, sharp objects that are used to prick the skin. This piercing of the skin allows you to draw a small drop of blood to the surface in order to test blood glucose levels using a blood glucose monitor and blood glucose test strips.

How many times a lancet can be used?

Finger-stick blood samplers (lancet devices) are used to obtain blood for testing blood sugar (glucose). These devices consist of two parts: a “lancet holder” that looks like a small pen; and a lancet, which is the sharp point or needle that is placed in the holder. The lancets are only ever used once.

What are lancets used for?

Where are lancets used?

Lancets are used to make punctures, such as a fingerstick, to obtain small blood specimens. Blood lancets are generally disposable. Lancets are also used to prick the skin in dermatological testing for allergies. A blood-sampling device, also known as a lancing device, is an instrument equipped with a lancet.

Do lancets expire?

Question. What happens if expired lancets are used? The use of an expired lancet (drum) may cause an infection at the puncture site as the lancet may have lost its sterility. We guarantee 4 years of sterility from the date of sterilisation, so you have plenty of time to use up your lancets.