What is another way to say side by side?

side by side

What is another way to say side by side?

side by side

  • abreast.
  • alongside.
  • beside.
  • cheek by jowl.
  • cheek to cheek.
  • juxtaposing.
  • parallel.
  • shoulder to shoulder.

What’s another way to say live together?

What is another word for live together?

shack up share
live in sin cohabit
live as man and wife set up house together
share bed and board couple
cohabitate conjugate

What does it mean to live side by side?

phrase. If people work or live side by side, they work or live closely together in a friendly way. areas where different nationalities have lived side by side for centuries. Synonyms: shoulder to shoulder, abreast, alongside each other, cheek by jowl More Synonyms of side by side.

What is it called when you move side to side?

To move around or sideways rhythmically. sway. rock. wobble. pendulate.

What is the synonym of juxtaposition?

Some common synonyms of juxtaposed are adjacent, adjoining, and contiguous. While all these words mean “being in close proximity,” juxtaposed means placed side by side especially so as to permit comparison and contrast.

What is the synonym of side?

In this page you can discover 97 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for side, like: belligerent, lateral, to the side, edge, flank, sect, frame of reference, position, perspective, contestant and foe.

How do you describe a couple living together?

Couples who live together are sometimes called common-law partners. This is just another way of saying a couple are living together.

What’s another word for coexist?

What is another word for coexist?

accompany complement
supplement concur
follow attend
synchroniseUK synchronizeUS
coincide co-occur

What is meant by the expression by side?

phrase. If two people or things are side by side, they are next to each other.

What is a side by?

A type of off-road vehicle that accommodates two people (a driver and passenger) sitting side by side. Some side-by-sides accommodate up to 6 people. Unlike ATVs, side-by-sides have bench or bucket seats and are controlled by a steering wheel.