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What is Allen-Bradley 1746 NT8?

What is Allen-Bradley 1746 NT8?

The 1746-NT8 is an SLC 500 Thermocouple/mV Analog Input Module by Allen-Bradley. It is an Eight (8) channel chassis installed module which receives thermocouple/mV signal which is digitally converted for retrieval by any SLC 500 processors.

What is the 1746-nt8?

The 1746-NT8 is an analog input module that belongs to the SLC 500 product family. This module is specifically a Thermocouple / millivolt that is compatible with SLC 500 processors such as SLC 5/01, 5/02, 5/03, 5/04 and 5/05.

Is the electrical isolation of the 1746-nt8 module compromised?

If adequate precautions are not taken for a given thermocouple type, the electrical isolation of the 1746-NT8 module may be compromised. Extension Wire Metal Sheath Measuring Junction is connected to sheath Measuring Junction is isolated from sheath Measuring Junction has no sheath

What is a 1746 I/O module?

General DescriptionThis module mounts into 1746 I/O chassis for use with SLC 500 fixed and modular systems. The module stores digitally converted thermocouple/mV analog data in its image table for retrieval by all fixed and modular SLC 500 processors.