What is African drum music called?

What is African drum music called?

The djembe
The djembe has been an integral part of spiritual and ritualistic life in West Africa for many generations. It was traditionally only played by griots, well respected high-class court musicians, who used it for story-telling: passing on important historical, religious and cultural information to future generations.

What is GAHU?

Gahu is a social dance of the Ewe people in the Anlo communities in Ghana. Gahu is performed by both males and females and the dancers move counterclockwise in a circle, alternating between men and women. The dance and music are interlaced with one another.

What are 4 types of African drums?

Types of African Drums

  • Djembe. The djembe is the most well-known African drum around the world.
  • Dundun (Talking Drum) The dundun’s body is shaped like an hourglass and has a number of ropes or strings stretched from top to bottom.
  • Bata.
  • Bougarabou.

What type of drums are used in African drumming and dance?

You can’t have African dance without music. The two are inseparable; the dancers are drumming and the drummers are dancing. Learn about two drums—the cajon (cah-HONE) and djembe (JIM-bay) —and how to play a rhythm called Funga (FUN-gah).

Where is African dance performed?

Sub-Saharan Africa
African dance refers to a form of performing art found among most cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa. Still practiced today, it involves rhythmic body movements combined with music and sometimes theatrical representations.

What makes African drum playing unique?

One thing that makes the sabar unique to African drumming is that it’s played by hand AND by stick. The player holds a long, thin stick (galan) in one hand for producing the high notes and also strikes the skin with the empty hand.

Who performs Agbekor?

agbekɔ is a style of dance by the West African peoples of Ewe and Fon. It is an ancient dance once known as Atamga, Ga meaning ‘great’, Atam meaning ‘oath’. It is now performed by the people of Dzogadze, a farming community near Akatsi in the Southern part of the Volta Region of Ghana.

What are big African drums called?

A djembe or jembe (/ˈdʒɛmbeɪ/ JEM-bay; from Malinke jembe [dʲẽbe], N’Ko: ߖߋ߲߰ߓߋ) is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa.