What is a wheelie bug?

What is a wheelie bug?

Wheely Bug bodies have a padded layer of sponge which is covered with a tough layer of polyurethane leatheroid and can be easily wiped clean. They are great to use on smooth level floors and ideal for indoors. Wheely Bugs are constructed for years of fun and are sure to become an heirloom toy.

Are Wheely Bugs good?

They are very safe and user friendly for children at the cusp of walking to post toddler. The bright and friendly designs are an instant attraction to both girls and boys alike. They go backwards, forwards, sideways, and round and round. Wheely Bugs promote gross motor skills from which all higher learning evolves.

What age are wheely bugs for?

1-3 Years
Wheelybugs Come in 2 Sizes : Small for Riders Aged 1-3 Years and Large for 3 Years Upward.

How much are wheely bugs?

Wheely Bug Ride On Toys – See the range shipped fast from $9.95.

Can wheely bug be used outside?

Can they be used outside? Any smooth, flat surface is suitable. However keep them away from dirt or sand as this can get into the castors and slow them down. Also do not leave the toy outside in the rain or direct sunshine for long periods as this can damage the surfaces.

Do wheely bugs work on carpet?

Will they run on carpet? Obviously it is slower going on carpet, but your child will get a good work out! How do I look after my Wheely Bug? A wipe down of the covering with diluted Eucalypt oil on a regular basis helps keep the PU covering pliable.

What is the size of the Wheely bug?

The small Wheely Bug measures 8-3/4 by 9 by 15 inches (H x W x D) while the large Wheely Bug measures 18-1/2 by 11 by 10-1/2 inches (H x W x D). The convenient height makes it easy for children to climb on and off on their own.

Is the Wheely Bug a good toy for my child?

She can fit on these and chase around her siblings on this Wheely Bug just like her 2 younger siblings can. Yes, her legs are long for this toy but she can still ride on this without the worry of breaking it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this toy for your child if you are looking for something that will last for years to come.

Are Wheely bugs heirlooms?

Wheely Bugs are constructed for years of fun and are sure to become an heirloom toy. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bugs, riding toys for boys and girls. The award winning Wheely Bug is the cutest riding toy on the market.

What is a wheely Bugge?

Prince Lionheart wheelyBUG. The wheelyBUG offers a fun, entertaining way to encourage gross motor skills and physical activity. Designed with kids in mind, a low profile, easy-to-grip handle, and 360º casters enable children to hop on and off by themselves, and move and spin using their legs without ever getting stuck in a corner.