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What is a RAID 10 configuration?

What is a RAID 10 configuration?

RAID 10, also known as RAID 1+0, is a RAID configuration that combines disk mirroring and disk striping to protect data. It requires a minimum of four disks and stripes data across mirrored pairs. As long as one disk in each mirrored pair is functional, data can be retrieved.

How do I create a virtual disk on a Dell RAID controller series 10 and 11?


  1. Enter the System Setup by pressing F2 during system start.
  2. Click on Device Settings.
  3. Click on the desired RAID controller device.
  4. Click on Main Menu.
  5. Click on Configuration Management.
  6. Click on Create Virtual Disk.
  7. The following list of options are now displayed to define the Virtual Disk parameters:

Can I add more drives to a RAID 10?

It is not possible to expand the size of RAID10 by adding the disks to the existing RAID array, but there are other ways to expand the storage capacity.

Should I use RAID 10?

The Advantages Of RAID 10 RAID 10 is secure because mirroring duplicates all your data. It’s fast because the data is striped across multiple disks; chunks of data can be read and written to different disks simultaneously. To implement RAID 10, you need at least four physical hard drives.

How do I create a RAID array in Windows 10?

Open the Start Menu / search bar, type “Disk Management”, and select Create and format hard disk partitions. Review the list of disks to ensure that all of the drives you want to use are being displayed. Right click on one of the disks you want to include in the array and select New Spanned/Striped/Mirrored/RAID-5 …

How do I access PERC controller?

To access the PERC BIOS menu, a keyboard shortcut has to be pressed during server startup. To access the Configuration Utility for PERC Series 7, 8, 9: In BIOS mode: press Ctrl+R during startup. In UEFI mode press F2 to enter System Setup.

What is the PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) 10?

The PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) 10 series consist of the H345, H740P, H745, H745P MX, and H840 cards. The PERC 10 family of storage controller cards has the following characteristics: Complies with serial-attached SCSI (SAS) 3.0 providing up to 12 Gb/sec throughput.

What are the different RAID controllers available from Dell EMC PowerEdge?

Dell EMC PowerEdge RAID Controller 10 User’s Guide PERC H345, H740P, H745, H745P MX, and H840 Author Dell Subject User’s Guide

How to configure the Dell PERC 10 controller?

Dell PERC 10 Configuration Utility See Navigating to Dell PERC 10 configuration utility. 2. Click Main Menu Controller Management Advanced Controller Management 3. Click Save Controller Events A screen is displayed indicating that the operation is completed successfully.

How to create a RAID 0 virtual disk in Dell PERC 10?

Auto Configure RAID 0 1. Enter the Dell PERC 10 Configuration Utility See Navigating to Dell PERC 10 configuration utility. 2. Click Main Menu Configuration Management Auto Configure RAID 0 3. Select Confirm and click Yes to continue. A RAID 0 Virtual disk is created on all physical disks that are in Ready state. NOTE: