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What is a Kolam design?

What is a Kolam design?

One thing that cannot fail to impress us at a Tam-Brahm wedding is their Kolam designs. Here are some Kolam designs for inspiration & all you need to know! Kolam is a type of rangoli that holds special significance in South India.

Why South Indian women make simple Kolam designs?

South Indian women get up very early in the morning, every day, to make simple Kolam designs on the threshold of their homes. They believe that this is where the internal and external elements of their world meet.

How to make Kolam rangoli at home?

The flower in the middle creates a beautiful base for the whole design. It is surrounded by a spiral design, which is very easy to master. Just take some rice powder and rotate your hand in a circular motion, coming inwards. This Kolam rangoli design can also be made during Pongal celebrations.

How do you draw kolam patterns?

Kolam patterns are usually drawn on the ground outside the gate of the house. The ground is first made wet so that the kolam will stick to the ground. If the surface is made of cement or stone, Kolam designs are drawn using wet rice flour. They are more durable than dry rice flour Kolams.

What is the significance of Kolam in Tamil Nadu?

Kolams/Muggulu are thought to bring prosperity to homes. At millions of households in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, every day early morning during the break of dawn, women draw Kolams in front of their home entrance. Traditionally Kolams are drawn on the flat surface of the ground with white rice flour.

Who are the Kolam in Telangana?

Kolam are a designated Scheduled Tribe in the Indian states of Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. They belong to the sub-category Particularly vulnerable tribal group, one of the three belonging to this sub-category, the others being Katkari and Madia Gond.

How to decorate your home entrance with Kolam?

Every morning, in most parts of India, an almost identical ritual will take place. Housewives will sweep the entrances of their home and sprinkle it with some water. They will then decorate their home entrance with a kolam. A kolam is a geometric drawing created with rice flour. Its design can vary from simple and small to colourful and complex.