What is a Chevy C4500?

What is a Chevy C4500?

The Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 series is avalible with a 325 horsepower Vortec 8.1L Gasoline engine capable of 450ft lbs of torque. Optional engines are a 300 horsepower Duramax 6.6 Turbo Diesel good for 520ft lbs of Torque,or a 6.6 Duramax rated at 330 horsepower and 620ft lbs of torque.

How much can a Chevy C4500 tow?

The two-wheel-drive Kodiak C4500, which weighs more than 10,000 pounds (lbs.) is used primarily for commercial purposes and public emergency work such as firefighting, It’s capable of towing 16,000 lbs. and another 5,500 lbs. of cargo on the vehicle itself with the 330-hp V-8.

Why is Duramax called Dirtymax?

Duramax is a Diesel Engine produced by General Motors. First produced in 2001, they are often heavily modified by Diesel enthusiasts. Once modified, they tend to smoke heavily, earning them the nickname “Dirtymax”.

How much does a C4500 weight?

Features. The four-door, five-passenger, four-wheel drive crew cab version of the GMC TopKick C4500 has an 11,300-pound curb weight. It is fitted with daytime running lights, air bags, power outlets, power steering, steps under the cab doors and bucket seats.

How much does a Chevy 4500 cost?

2021 Chevy Silverado 4500 HD: Starting at $49,300.

Does international still make the MXT?

International Releases Its MXT Into The Upscale Truck Market After a century of building all varieties of trucks and settling into mostly commercial vehicles, International celebrated its 100th birthday by reentering the medium-duty truck market with its brand-new MXT.

What replaced the Chevy Kodiak?

The next-generation Chevrolet Medium Duty Trucks will reach the market for the 2019 model year as two all-new models. The vehicles will not be called Kodiak, however. Instead, they will be named Silverado 4500 and Silverado 5500.

How much does a Chevy C4500 weight?

The GVWR of the entry-level C4500 Kodiak is 16,000 to 17,500 lbs., and it is 18,000 to 19,500 lbs. for the C5500. Models are available with antilock hydraulic disc or air brakes. Transmission options include Allison automatic or up to a 10-speed manual.

What is L5P Duramax?

The L5P duramax is the latest version of the Duramax V8 diesel engine. (engine code Y) Introduced in the 2017 model year it is the most powerful diesel pickup truck engine GM has produced with 445 hp (332 kW) at 2,800 rpm and 910 lb⋅ft (1,234 N⋅m) at 1,600 rpm.

How much does a TopKick C4500 weight?

Features. The four-door, five-passenger, four-wheel drive crew cab version of the GMC TopKick C4500 has an 11,300-pound curb weight.

What kind of engine does a caterpillar C4500 have?

On C4500/C5500s, an 8.1L V8 was carried over from the previous generation, with a 6.6L Duramax V8 diesel replacing the Caterpillar 3116. Diesel engines were standard on C6500s and up, with the 7.8L Duramax LG4 inline-6 as standard, with a 7.2L Caterpillar C7 (a redesigned Caterpillar 3126) offered as an option. GMT560 four-wheel drive

How much does a Chevy Kodiak C4500 cost?

Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 with a 5th-wheel trailer-towing rear utility/pickup body A special Kodiak C4500 was introduced at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. Aimed at the International RXT (also introduced there), pricing was set at $70,000.

What is the 4th generation of the Chevy C/K?

The fourth generation of the C/K series is a range of trucks that was manufactured by General Motors. Marketed by the Chevrolet and GMC brands from the 1988 to the 2002 model years, this generation is the final version of the C/K model line.

What kind of vehicle is a Chevy Silverado 4500?

Developed in a joint venture with Navistar International, the Chevrolet Silverado 4500/5500 is a Class 4-6 vehicle. Slightly smaller than the Kodiak/Topkick, the Silverado 4500/5500 is marketed exclusively as a Chevrolet (with no GMC counterpart). For 1980, General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC TopKick short-hood conventionals.