What is a 1970 rebel machine worth?

AMC Rebel – The Machine (1970 to 1970)

What is a 1970 rebel machine worth?

AMC Rebel – The Machine (1970 to 1970)

1970 Amc Rebel Machine Indianapolis, IN, USA $40,000 HIGH BID
1970 Amc Rebel Machine Harrisburg, PA, USA $30,000 SOLD
1970 Amc Rebel Machine 100 mi Harrisburg, PA, USA $52,500 HIGH BID
1970 Amc Rebel Machine Denver, CO, USA $31,000 SOLD

What years did AMC make the rebel machine?

AMC Rebel
Production 1967–1970
Assembly Australia: Port Melbourne (AMI) Belgium: Haren (RIB) Canada: Brampton, Ontario Costa Rica: San José (Purdy Motors) Mexico: Mexico City (VAM) New Zealand: Thames (CMI) Peru: Lima (I.A.P.S.A) United States: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size

Who made the car called the machine?

American Motors Corporation
AMC Machine is an automobile nameplate applied to two vehicles built by American Motors Corporation: The Machine – a high-performance muscle car based on the 1970 AMC Rebel.

What was the first year of the AMC Rebel?

Rambler Rebel
Manufacturer American Motors Corporation (AMC)
Model years 1957-1960 1966-1967
Assembly Kenosha, Wisconsin Toronto, Ontario – Danforth plant (1957) Brampton, Ontario – Brampton Assembly (AMC) (1966-67) Vilvoorde, Haren, Belgium – (RIB)
Body and chassis

What is the difference between an AMX and a Javelin?

The Javelin had a one inch longer wheelbase and length, and was three inches wider (110″ wheelbase, 192″ length, 75″ width). SST trim continued, and AMX was the top-of-the-line, complete with a unique dash appliqué and styled grille.

Who made the AMX car?

Manufacturer American Motors Corporation
Also called Rambler AMX (Australia)
Production 1968–1970
Assembly Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States Port Melbourne, Australia (AMI)