What happened to the Goose Restaurant?

What happened to the Goose Restaurant?

Firefighters were alerted to a fire at The Goose restaurant on the Busselton foreshore around 3:00am. The blaze destroyed 90 per cent of the building, which overlooks the world-famous Busselton Jetty. Tim Meikle, who manages the restaurant, said the damage bill was estimated to be between $5 million and $7 million.

Who owns the Goose in Busselton?

owner Qi Eng
The Goose owner Qi Eng was “overwhelmed by the support” and said she was delighted to see staff so quickly employed around town. “Our staff are our priority.

When did the goose in Busselton burnt down?

Busselton firefighters were called to a blaze at the Goose Beach Bar + Kitchen in the early hours of Monday April 12. Department of Fire and Emergency Services received the report about a structure fire along the Busselton foreshore at 3:46 am.

How did the Busselton Jetty burn down?

In 1999, a fire thought to have been started by a cigarette butt wiped out 70 metres of the two kilometre jetty and led to a $24 million State Government refurbishment. CCTV footage reveals a fire lit on Busselton Jetty on Saturday.

When was the goose Busselton built?

The original Goose Café/Restaurant was established in 1998 at the old Passmore family home in central Busselton. The Goose restaurant quickly outgrew the original premises and at the beginning of December 2004 the “New Goose” restaurant was opened on the Busselton foreshore.

What happened Busselton Jetty?

In 1972 shipping ceased and the Jetty quickly deteriorated due to wood borers, rot and the occasional fire. On 4 April, 1978, Cyclone Alby swept down the coast destroying a significant amount of the Jetty.

How did the goose fire start?

The fire was ignited by lightning on July 1, 2021 32 miles SSE of Ennis, MT near Hoodoo Pass. Initial attack forces responded to suppress the fire, initially located in a 250-acre rock slide area, inaccessible to crews.

Why does Busselton Jetty Bend?

The jetty has survived Cyclone Alby in 1978, borers, weathering, several fires, and the threat of demolition, to have become a major regional tourist attraction. The jetty features a rail line along its length, a relic of the railway line into Busselton from Bunbury….

Busselton Jetty
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Whats the longest jetty in the world?

Mexico’s Progreso Pier is the world’s longest, running 6,500 metres into the Gulf of Mexico. This pier’s length is used to allow cargo ships to dock in the area, as the Yucatan coast and limestone shelf are too shallow for large boats to dock in.

Is The Goose Busselton being rebuilt?

While The Goose may not be there at the moment, plans are underway to rebuild the establishment on Busselton’s foreshore. “We are already in the process of submitting plans, once again the City have been really helpful and generous with their advice,” Mr Meikle said.

Where is the fire in Busselton?

A bushfire EMERGENCY WARNING has been issued for people in the vicinity of Vasse Plantation, 22km south-west of Busselton in SHIRE OF AUGUSTA-MARGARET RIVER and CITY OF BUSSELTON. You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive. There is a threat to lives and homes.

Where is Meelup?

The Meelup Regional Park is a coastal regional park near the Western Australian town of Dunsborough in the state’s South West region….

Meelup Regional Park
Location Dunsborough, Western Australia
Coordinates 33°33′S 115°04′ECoordinates: 33°33′S 115°04′E
Area 577 ha (1,430 acres)

Is the Goose restaurant in Busselton closed?

It is with a heavy heart that we announce our business will be closed for the foreseeable future. We will rebuild and very much look forward to seeing our wonderful customers when we return. Overlooking the Busselton Jetty with uninterrupted views of Geographe Bay dining at The Goose is truly unique.

What happened to the Goose restaurant?

Busselton Jetty CEO says it could take a year to rebuild The Goose restaurant has been a popular attraction for locals and visitors, overlooking the Busselton Foreshore and the renowned jetty. Just before 4:00am today firefighters were alerted to the blaze, which had almost completely engulfed the building when crews arrived.

What is the Goose?

The Goose is all about location. Situated on the Busselton foreshore: it is the ultimate sundowner venue. And that’s where it ends. We have come here as an annual wind up with friends for the past 11 years. In the last two it has lost…

Why choose the Goose Margaret River?

Focusing on the best local Margaret River produce The Goose serves a modern Australian menu covering breakfast, all day dishes, lunch and dinner there is something for all tastes no matter what time of the day.