What happened to Coby on Packed to the Rafters?

What happened to Coby on Packed to the Rafters?

Packed to the Rafters will be returning to our screens in 2020, but Ryan Corr, who played Coby Jennings on the popular series, won’t be taking part in it. Speaking to Now to Love on Wednesday, Ryan, 31, confirmed is not appearing in the Amazon reunion show, after writers decided to go in another direction.

What happened to Jake in Packed to the Rafters?

James Stewart, the actor who played Jake Barton, will not be returning due to personal reasons. While working on the show, the actor fell in love with his co-star Jessica Marais (who played Rachel Rafter), but the pair have since split.

What happened to Rachel in Packed to the Rafters?

Since news of the show’s return was first confirmed in December 2019, a few things have changed. Jessica Marais, who played Rachel Rafter on the series, was originally slated to reprise her role. However, in February 2020, she announced she would be pulling out of the series due to “personal reasons”.

Who are the rafter’s in Packed to the rafters?

Welcome, to ‘Packed to the Rafters’ Wiki. The series centres around the characters Dave and Julie Rafter and their three children Rachel, Ben and Nathan. Season one begins on the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the couple thinks that they are finally about to have the house to themselves.

When did the TV show Packed to the rafters come out?

Packed to the Rafters is an Australian family-oriented television series which premiered on the Seven Network on Tuesday 26 August 2008 at 8:30 pm. The comedy series features a mix of lighthearted comedy woven through the plot. It revolves around the Rafter family facing work pressures and life issues, whilst also tackling serious social issues.

Who are Dave and Julie Rafter?

With Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Michael Caton, George Houvardas. Meet Dave and Julie Rafter – just your average Australians with three grown-up children. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding-anniversary it seems they’re at last about to have the house to themselves.

What is the theme song for Packed to the rafters?

Packed to the Rafters: The Soundtrack was released on 29 November 2008. It has peaked at No. 7 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart. It has since gone triple certified Platinum, selling in excess of 170,000 copies. The songs “I’m Yours” and “Rock & Roll” have been heavily used in promotional advertising for the series.