What happened at Narvik?

What happened at Narvik?

Although defeated at sea off Narvik, losing control of the town of Narvik and being pushed back towards the Swedish border, the Germans eventually prevailed because of the Allied evacuation from Norway in June 1940 following the Battle of France….First naval Battle of Narvik.

Date 10 April 1940
Result British victory

Is Narvik a real place?

Narvik is a town and the administrative centre of Narvik Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. The town is located along the Ofotfjorden in the Ofoten region.

How many German ships were sunk at Narvik?

Outcome: Ten German destroyers and six merchant ships sunk. Of the German forces in Narvik, only U-51 survives by escaping out to sea. Warburton-Lee is killed and his flagship sunk.

Did the British win at Narvik?

The battle for Narvik was the first time that British, French, Polish and Norwegian forces fought together. And they won. The recapture of Narvik on 28 May 1940 was the first major defeat of the war for Nazi Germany.

Where was the battle of Narvik?

NordlandOfotfjordNarvik Municipality
Battles of Narvik/Locations

What country is Narvik in?

northern Norway
Narvik, town and ice-free seaport, northern Norway, near the head of Ofotfjorden. It is a major transshipment point for iron ore from the rich Kiruna-Gällivare mines in northern Sweden, since the Swedish ports on the Gulf of Bothnia are frozen in winter.

Is Narvik north of the Arctic Circle?

Lying just 137 miles inside the Arctic Circle, Narvik may be one of the world’s most northerly towns, but the North Atlantic currents and the mountains that shelter the town make it surprisingly mild.

When was the battle of Narvik?

April 9, 1940 – June 8, 1940Battles of Narvik / Period

Can you see Northern Lights in Narvik?

Due to its location, Narvik is among the best places for observing the Northern Lights. Between the autumn equinox on 21th September and vernal Equinox on 21th March, the Northern Lights appear. The time to see them is in the evening, between 18.00 and 01.00 in the night.

Is Narvik above the Arctic Circle?

Located well above the Arctic circle in Northern Norway, Narvik is approximately 1,555 kilometres from Oslo and 897 kilometres from Trondheim.

Who won the battles of Narvik?

Why visit the Narvik War Museum?

Get insights about the fascinating history of Northern Norway under one roof. The Narvik War Museum is beautifully located in the heart of the city. By architectonical and interactive experiences, you will be guided through the exhibition in the impressive new modern museum in Narvik.

What is Narvik University College?

Narvik University College or Høgskolen i Narvik ( HiN ) – higher education institution in Norway. HiN began its history in 1994. Narvik University College provides quality education that is appreciated throughout the whole country.

What are the main themes of Narvik?

Other World War II themes are also in focus, such as the fate of Soviet prisoners of war and the sinking of the Tirpitz. Narvik also has a Peace Chapel and a large war cemetery.

What happened in Narvik on 9 April 1940?

On 9 April 1940, German forces launched a co-ordinated attack on the most important ports in Southern Norway, and on Narvik in the north. In the grey light of dawn in heavy snow, 10 German destroyers entered Narvik harbour, where two old Norwegian coastal defence ships, «Eidsvold» and «Norge», were anchored.