What does thick white milky creamy discharge mean?

What does thick white milky creamy discharge mean?

If thick, white discharge goes along with other symptoms, such as itching, burning and irritation, it is probably due to a yeast infection. If not, it is normal discharge. You may also notice an increase in thick, white discharge before and after your period.

Is white lotion like discharge fertile?

This cervical mucus may appear white and creamy, and stretch just slightly more than sticky cervical mucus. It looks a lot like lotion. It’s not considered fertile cervical mucus, though some women may only get creamy cervical mucus before ovulation. 5 It may precede your fertile period.

What does lotion like discharge mean?

Leading up to ovulation: sticky, white, creamy, lotion-y. As estrogen levels rise, the cervix produces more fluid. At first, it might be thick and sticky or tacky, and become more wet and creamy, like a lotion. It may look whitish and cloudy, or even yellowish (especially if it’s dry on your underwear) (4).

What’s the difference between sticky and creamy discharge?

If what you find seems sticky, or findings are scant, you’re probably not ovulating yet. If what you find is creamy, ovulation may be coming, but not just yet. If what you find is wet, watery, and slightly stretchy, ovulation is very likely close. Find time for some baby-making sex.

Does creamy white discharge mean my period coming?

The white discharge you notice before your period is common. In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about and is only a sign that your period is about to start. The medical term is for this discharge is leukorrhea. It is made up of fluid and dead cells that shed from your vagina as it cleans itself.

When does creamy white discharge start in pregnancy?

Normal vaginal discharge, known as leukorrhea, is thin, clear, or milky white, and mild smelling. Changes in vaginal discharge can begin as early as one to two weeks after conception, even before you’ve missed your period.

What does milky white discharge mean?

White milky discharge or white creamy discharge is completely normal and helps to keep vaginal tissues healthy and free from infections. Normal milky discharge from the vagina changes in consistency during your menstrual period and has no odor. The vaginal discharge can range from clear and watery during ovulation to milky white

Why do I have thick white lotion like discharge?

Thick white lotion like discharge why? Uncertain.: A clumpy (cottage cheese- like), white, non- odorous discharge associated w itching, burning, swelling or redness can be due to yeast infections. Gree… Read More

What causes milky vaginal discharge?

Causes of Milky or Creamy Discharge. First of all, let’s look at causes of normal milky or creamy white vaginal discharge. During ovulation, your cervix produces mucus that is of an egg white consistency and color. This helps the sperm to find the egg for conception and can be a sign when you are most fertile.

What is the treatment for white milky discharge from vagina?

Most women with white milky discharge do not require any treatment. It is normal as your discharge can change to thick white discharge during your menstrual cycle. However, if your white discharge is due to yeast infection and clumpy then it can be treated with fluconazole and Canesten cream.