What does ora-01031 mean?

What does ora-01031 mean?

Immediately, ORA-01031: insufficient privileges shows up, which tells THOMAS he doesn’t have the right privilege to do that. The solution is simple, just grant him CREATE TABLE, a schema-based privilege or CREATE ANY TABLE, a system-wide privilege.

What is the cause of ora-01031 in ALTER TABLE?

So the cause of ORA-01031 in ALTER TABLE is not obvious like we thought. Please note that, ALTER TABLE is not a privilege, but ALTER ANY TABLE is. That’s why there’s no such GRANT ALTER TABLE TO user. Let’s see an example.

How do I Fix an ora-06512 error?

When you encounter an ORA-06512 error, the following error message will appear: This error is caused by the stack being unwound by unhandled exceptions in your PLSQL code. Fix the condition that is causing the unhandled error. Write an exception handler for this unhandled error. Contact your DBA for help.

What is an ora-02291 error?

When you encounter an ORA-02291 error, the following error message will appear: Cause. You tried to reference a table using a unique or primary key, but the columns that you listed did not match the primary key, or a primary key does not exist for this table.

What privilege should be granted to Thomas in ora-01031?

We got ORA-01031. The right privilege to reference other’s data is not SELECT, it’s REFERENCES. We should grant the privilege to him either by HR or privileged users. Grant succeeded. Now Thomas can finish his job.

What is ora-01031 error in tmptbl_fr59pt021?

The table tmptbl_fr59pt021 is a temporary table. And i have this error: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges But when i make a insert in this table outside the stored procedure insert data seamlessly. How do I fix this error? Thank You! Show activity on this post.

What is error ora-28040?

This error ORA-28040 is also raised when the client is authenticating to a user account which was created without a verifier suitable for the client software version. In this situation, that account’s password must be reset, in order for the required verifier to be generated and allow authentication to proceed successfully. Server or Clients?

Why do I get ora-17628 and Ora-01031 when switching between databases?

For the same reason, the broker is unable to startup the new standby database during a switchover and throws ORA-01017 due to OS authentication. When you try to clone a remote PDB via a database link, you may see ORA-17628 and ORA-01031 at that moment.