What does Mente mean?

What is the meaning of Sridhar in English?

What does Mente mean?

British English: mind /maɪnd/ NOUN. Your mind is the part of your brain that thinks, understands, and remembers.

What is the meaning of Sridhar in English?

possessor of good fortune
Indian (southern states): Hindu name from Sanskrit šridhara ‘possessor of Lakshmi’ or ‘possessor of good fortune’, from šri, a byname of Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu, also meaning ‘good fortune’ + dhara ‘holding’, ‘possessing’. It is an epithet of Vishnu.

What does gallera mean in English?

feminine noun. Latin America) (= palenque) cockpit.

What is the Rashi of Sridhar?

Shridhar is Baby name and is of origin indian….Meaning of Shridhar.

Name : Shridhar
Meaning : Lord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi
Gender :
Rashi :
Nakshatra :

How do you say Galera in English?

galley; caboose; cook’s galley; tilt-cart; covered wagon….Translation Matrix for galera:

Noun Related Translations Other Translations
covered wagon carromato; galera
galley buque largo y flaco; galera cocina de navío

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What is Shri Before name?

Shri is a polite form of address equivalent to the English “Mr.” or “Ms.”. Shri is also frequently used as an epithet of some Hindu gods, in which case it is often translated into English as Holy.

What does Menear mean in Spanish?

menear (also: bambolear) to sway {v.t.} (move) menear (also: mover) to wag [ wagged · wagged] {v.t.} (tail) Somos y seremos el rabo del buldog alemán, sin embargo, la retórica del Sr. Primer Ministro hace parecer que fuera el rabo el que menea al perro.

What does menea mean in Spanish?

menea. third-person singular present indicative of menear. second-person singular imperative of menear.

What does suave mente mean?

Suavemente = con suavidad, de una manera suave. Suavemente< suave to soften, to smooth, to make smoother, to make more gentle, to ease, to tone down, to subdue, etc. In Spanish, what is the meaning of ‘suavemente’?

What does mediante mean in Spanish?

What does mediante mean in Spanish? English Translation. through. More meanings for mediante. through preposition: a través de, por, por medio de, hasta, gracias a: by means of preposition: por medio de: Find more words!