What does it mean to turn up something?

What does it mean to turn up something?

to appear or come to your attention, or to cause something to become known: She said she’d let me know if anything new turned up.

What does it mean to turn me up?

+1. Anonymous if something turns you up, it means, it arouses you sexually. (

What does it mean to be turned on by someone?

Sexual arousal
Sexual arousal, or being “turned on,” can be defined as the combination of cognitive and physical responses to an erotic stimulus, which in turn can be internal or external. One can feel aroused by appraising a picture, touching and being touched, or by one’s own thoughts or fantasies.

What does turning a girl out mean?

(sex, transitive, slang) To convince a person (usually a woman) to become a prostitute. quotations ▼ (sex, transitive, prison slang) To rape; to coerce an otherwise heterosexual individual into performing a homosexual role.

What does it really mean to ‘turn up’?

To show up; to appear suddenly or unexpectedly. turn up verb. To increase the amount of something by means of a control, such as the volume, heat, or light. turn up verb. To reposition by rotating, flipping, etc. upwards. turn up verb.

What does “turn up” or “Turnt Up” mean?

Turnt Up. Meaning. A term that means you are excited, whether it be for a game or dancing at the club; similar to “turn up,” which is the process of getting turnt up; can also mean that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and acting crazy.

What does turn up mean in slang?

WORKING OUT THE MEANING OF “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT”. Anyone who deals with teenagers,or even preadolescents,will have heard enough of the expression “Turn down for what” to last

  • How to pronounce turn up?

    Pronunciation of up with 17 audio pronunciations, 72 synonyms, 1 meaning, 1 antonym, 12 translations, 33 sentences and more for up. Millions don’t turn up to ‘storm’ US airbase for extraterrestrial evidence