What does amenable mean in law?

What does amenable mean in law?

AMENABLE. Responsible; subject to answer in a court of justice liable to punishment.

How do you use amenable in a sentence?

Amenable sentence example. He was amenable to change. The employees were not amenable to the control measures which were suggested. Women are more amenable to compromise than men.

Is it amenable to you or for you?

If you are amenable to something, you are willing to do it or accept it. The leader seemed amenable to attending a conference.

What does amenable to orders mean?

adjective. ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield; open to influence, persuasion, or advice; agreeable; submissive; tractable tractable: an amenable servant.

What is the meaning of amendable?

capable of being amended
Definition of amendable : capable of being amended : able to be revised or altered The contract is currently amendable, and Frontier flight attendants voted in November to strike unless their demands are met.

How is amenable pronounced?

  1. ame·​na·​ble | \ ə-ˈmē-nə-bəl , -ˈme- \
  2. ame·​na·​ble | \ ə-ˈmē-nə-bəl, -ˈme- \
  3. Other Words from amenable. amenability \ ə-​ˌmē-​nə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē, -​ˌme-​ \ noun.

What does it mean to be amendable?

Can people be amenable?

Nowadays, amenable is often used to describe someone who is favorably disposed to something, but it ultimately comes from Latin minari, meaning “to threaten.” Since the 16th century, English speakers have been using it in courtrooms and law with the meaning “answerable,” as in “citizens amenable to the law.” It later …

Was amenable to the idea?

amenable Add to list Share. If your friends want to try sky diving and you’re amenable to the idea, sounds like you’re going to be jumping out of a plane. If a person or thing is amenable to something, they are ready, willing, or responsive.

What is the synonym of changeable?

capricious, fickle, fluctuating, mercurial, protean, shifting, unpredictable, unsettled, unstable, varying, volatile, changeful, mutable, agitated, commutative, convertible, fitful, flighty, fluid, impulsive.

What’s another word for amendable?

What is another word for amendable?

reparable corrigible
salvageable correctable
fixable redeemable
repairable emendable
improvable able to be put right