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What does active mean on Zillow?

What does active mean on Zillow?

Active. This means that a property is currently on the market and available for sale. It may have received offers, but none have yet been accepted, which means that the opportunity is wide open for you to make a proposal.

What does delisted mean on MLS?

When a home is delisted from the MLS, details such as the listing photos, listing price, and description will no longer be available on Redfin. What will show on the property page instead, will either be the sale information from the last MLS listing or public records information from the County Assessor.

What is TLC work on a house?

The slang definition of TLC, or “tender, loving care,” can be interpreted as “this home needs work”—and odds are high it needs a lot of work before you, or anyone, will love living there.

What is an example of contingency?

Contingency means something that could happen or come up depending on other occurrences. An example of a contingency is the unexpected need for a bandage on a hike. The definition of a contingency is something that depends on something else in order to happen.

What does active sale mean in real estate?

What Does It Mean When a House is Active? Most of the properties listed in the multiple listing service (MLS), the database where real estate agents list homes for sale, will have an active status. That’s because an active status means that the home is currently available for sale.

What is the difference between for sale and active on Zillow?

ACTIVE – for properties that are offered for sale and have no accepted contract on them. CONTINGENT W/KICKOUT – for properties that have an accepted contract that includes contingencies and includes a kickout clause.

Why would a house get delisted?

Delisting Due to Condition The most practical reason for delisting a house is to give the seller an opportunity to make repairs or improvements on a distressed property. Especially in a depressed real estate market, sellers need every competitive advantage they can create to market a home.

Can a house be delisted?

If a building is in such a state of repair that restoration work is impossible, then delisting is quite simple. If your home or property is however in a good state, then the only way to get it delisted is to be able to argue that should never have been listed in the first place.

What does it mean when greater dog wants TLC?

It will say, ” Greater Dog wants some TLC.” Give it this tender loving care by choosing the Pet option in the Act menu. After you pet the dog, he will have another turn, in which he inflicts his almost meaningless attack where all you do is stay still.

What TLC channel means?

The Learning Channel
TLC — previously known as The Learning Channel — has redefined what it stands for and embraced the well-known colloquial phrase “tender loving care” in a bid to connect its heartwarming programming with viewers in a more emotional fashion.