What documents are needed for H1B stamping?

What documents are needed for H1B stamping?

Documents Required for H-1B Stamping

  • Appointment schedule letter.
  • DS-160 barcode confirmation.
  • Original H-1B visa approval notice (Form I-797)
  • Letter for the H-1B visa application provided by your employer.
  • Form I-129.
  • Payment stubs for at least the last three months.
  • H classification supplement to form I-129.

Is Kolkata US consulate open for H1B stamping?

The U.S. Embassy New Delhi and Consulates General in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai are now accommodating a very limited number of employment-based visa appointments. Appointments can be made through our website

How can I get H1B visa stamp?

H1B Visa Stamping Documents

  1. A completed DS-156 Form which must be signed by the applicant.
  2. A completed DS-157 Form.
  3. One photograph taken within the last six months.
  4. The USCIS approval through Form I-797.
  5. The original visa petition through Form I-129.
  6. The Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the Department of Labor.

What documents are needed for US consulate interview?

What to bring to the Interview

  • Appointment Letter – The interview appointment letter you received from NVC.
  • Passport – For each applicant, an unexpired passport valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States.

Do you need Nie for H1B stamping?

Step 3 : Apply for NIE to Travel or get Visa Stamping Appointment. If you already have a US Visa that is valid in your passport, all you need is NIE approval from the US Consulate that issued your visa to travel to US.

What are the documents needed for visa stamping?

In order to complete the visa stamping process, the Immigration Department requires the following documents:

  • Original passport.
  • Original Employment Visa (Entry Permit)
  • Original medical certificate.
  • Passport size photographs (x7)
  • Residence visa fee.
  • Completed/filled security form.

Who is eligible for Dropbox H1B stamping?

For general drop box eligibility, your US visa had to be valid or expired on or after April 1st, 2020. Now, with this 48 month eligibility change, you can apply for Dropbox Visa stamping, if your visa has expired on or after April 1st, 2017.

How can I get H1B stamping in India?

To get your H1B stamping in India, you will have to fill in the DS-160 form, and then schedule your H1B interview at India’s US embassy. You may go for any US embassy that you want, but it is advised that you choose the one that is closest to the place where you live.

When should I apply for H1B visa stamping?

As per their recommendation, you can apply for an H1B visa stamping only 90 days prior to your H1B employment start date. So, if your start date is October 1st for H1B visa status, you can apply for visa stamping anytime after July 1st. To avoid last-minute delays, start your visa stamping process in early July.

Can I get U.S. visa without interview?

You may be eligible to apply for a U.S. visa without an interview based on your age, or if you are renewing a prior U.S. visa. Effective February 25, 2022, the Consular Section is suspending the processing of non-immigrant visa interview waivers until further notice.

What are the documents required for U.S. visa interview in India?

Documents required for U.S D visa Completed DS-160 application form. Your passport with at least one blank page to be able to affix visa. One photograph fulfilling the requirements set by the U.S authorities. Proof of having paid transit visa fees.

When will US consulate open in India?

Top American diplomat Antony Blinken confirmed the plan as he landed on Fiji as part of his Pacific tour. The US says it will open an embassy in the Solomon Islands as it tries to increase its influence in the South Pacific nation before China becomes “strongly embedded”.

Are US consulates in India Open?

U.S. Embassy New Delhi and the U.S. Consulates in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai are open for visa and citizens services at this time. We continue to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens. For information on visas, click here, and for U.S. citizens click here.

How to apply for emergency US visa appointment in India?

Applying for an Emergency Appointment. Step 1. Pay the visa application fee. Step 2. Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form. Step 3. Schedule an appointment online for the earliest available date. Please note that you must schedule an appointment before you can request an expedited date.

How to get Indian visa from USA?

Indian visas may be obtained in the United States through the Embassy of India in Washington DC and the Indian Consulates General in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, New York, and San Francisco. Diplomatic and Official visa applications, however, are accepted directly at the Indian Embassy and Consulates.