What do you write in a graduation card congratulations?

What do you write in a graduation card congratulations?


  1. “Congratulations and BRAVO!”
  2. “This calls for celebrating! Congratulations!”
  3. “You did it! Congrats!”
  4. “Caps off to you, Graduate! Well done!”
  5. “What a proud day! We just couldn’t be happier for you!”
  6. “What an impressive achievement!”
  7. “Happy Graduation Day!”
  8. “Good looks, brains, heart and now a diploma too?

What do you write in a high school graduation card funny?

Funny Graduation Messages

  1. Congratulations!
  2. I always knew you would barely graduate, well done!
  3. Did you ever think this day would come?
  4. Congratulations, have fun dressing up in a gown and silly hat!
  5. Well done on getting through the easy part of life!
  6. Enjoy the last episode of Neighbours and Jeremy Kyle while you can!

How do you congratulate someone on graduation funny?

How do you congratulate someone informally?

Informal Ways to Say Congratulations

  1. Nice one! This phrase is suitable for pretty much any informal situation.
  2. Good one! This one isn’t so suitable for big news.
  3. Kudos! Kudos is originally Greek and means praise or glory.
  4. Respect!
  5. Congrats!
  6. You rock!
  7. You rule!
  8. Way to go!

What’s another word for well done?

What is another word for well-done?

impressive stirring
accomplished affecting
good inspiring
admirable consummate
exciting formidable

What do you write on a graduation slide?

Heartfelt college and high school graduation quotes

  • Congratulations!
  • Dream big and just go for it.
  • Ready to take on the world?
  • Celebrate your accomplishments – you did it!
  • Never stop learning and let that hunger guide you.
  • All that hard work paid off.
  • Caps off to you!
  • The best is yet to come – congratulations!

What do you say to a graduate in a pandemic?

Congratulations, class of 2021! So proud of your achievements, especially under the pandemic situation in the past year and half! Best wishes to your future career!!! Hope you will come back and we will be excited to hear your success!

How do you write a graduation card?

You may know of job openings or people with influence, but this is not what to write in a graduation card. Save it for another time. 6 Tips About Writing a Graduation Card 1. Polish and fix mistakes. Before you pen your message in the graduation card, handwrite it on paper or type it in a word processor so that you can edit and polish it.

What do you write in a graduation card?

Congratulations,graduate! This is just the beginning.

  • Happy graduation! Remember to always stay true to yourself in trying times.
  • Congratulations! As you face the real world,know that I am always a phone call away if you ever need support.
  • Pride doesn’t do it justice.
  • Here we go!
  • I’m so happy for you for reaching this milestone.
  • Congratulations.
  • What to write in a graduation card?

    What to Write in a Graduation Card . The message you write should not depend on your relationship with the recipient. Whether they are a family member, a friend, or a co-worker, they all deserve positive words of affirmation for this big event. I am so proud of you for reaching this goal!

    How do you make a graduation card?

    Don’t Make/Order Too Much Food.

  • Don’t Have Your Party The Same Day As Your Graduation Ceremony.
  • Have Your Party With Friends Instead Of Alone!
  • Don’t Forget To Have Music Playing.
  • Don’t Forget To Take Lots Of Pictures.
  • Don’t Only Have Sweets/Chips For Food.