What do the numbers mean on a Sony Ericsson phone?

What do the numbers mean on a Sony Ericsson phone?

Phones in boldface indicates that the phone is a smartphone . S = Status, where P indicates under production, D is discontinued and U indicates upcoming . The Sony Ericsson C902 was released during the second quarter of 2008. It is a java based feature device running on Sony Ericsson’s proprietary A200 platform.

What is the difference between Sony Ericsson t303c and W200?

For example Sony Ericsson t303 released in China was released as Sony Ericsson t303c. NOTE: Sony Ericsson may release cell phones in three variants, indicated with a letter after the model number. Example: W200 was released as W200a (for the Americas), W200c (for China) and W200i (rest of the world).

What kind of phone is the Sony Ericsson C902?

The phone is the first in Sony Ericsson’s new ‘ Cyber-shot ‘ C-series of phones, designed to be a successor to the popular K800i and the K850. The C902 is featured in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, and has been praised for its user interface design and its build quality. Although the device received favourable reviews,…

What model of camera does the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot have?

C series: Cyber-shot Phone model Released Technology Camera Sony Ericsson C510 2009 GSM, UMTS 3.2-megapixel Sony Ericsson C702 2008 GSM, UMTS 3.2-megapixel Sony Ericsson C901 2009 GSM, UMTS, HSDPA 5-megapixel Sony Ericsson C902 2008 GSM, UMTS, HSDPA 5-megapixel

Why ericericsson and Sony Network Communications Europe?

Ericsson, Sony Network Communications Europe, and Telenor Connexion make it easy to connect people and things with intelligent tracking and monitoring solutions. Ranging from cargo to IoT healthcare devices for patients, tracking increases mobility and improves reliability and efficiency.

How did Ericsson get its start in mobile telephony?

Ericsson’s entry in mobile telephony began in earnest with the AXE system. Thanks to AXE, which was the world’s first completely digital system, Ericsson had a strong position when contracts for the first mobile systems were awarded in the late 1970s.

Which is the first Sony Ericsson phone with AMOLED display?

Cyber-shot Keitai S001 – Cyber-shot phone with ‘First-Class’ theme and it is the first Sony Ericsson phone using AMOLED display. It features 8.11-megapixel ‘Exmor’ CMOS sensor, GLOBAL PASSPORT GSM & CDMA, and premium design.