What do students do for fun at Stanford University?

What do students do for fun at Stanford University?

There is a huge range of social activity at Stanford. Even though there aren’t nearby clubs to a large extent, people always find fun, non-drinking things to do on weekends, like get a band together and jam, or watch a movie on a big screen in the history corner, or play capture the flag in the middle of the night.

Does Stanford have school dances?

Dance at Stanford is positioned as a rich and living art medium through which we read culture and our location within it. Through academic and creative studio work, students are introduced to new models of scholarship that explore dance’s capacity to chart and at times resist social norms and bodily behaviors.

What extracurricular activities does Stanford offer?

Student Groups

  • ArtX.
  • MINT Magazine.
  • Professional Art Society of Stanford.
  • Stanford Ceramics Club.
  • Stanford Pen People.
  • Stanford Storyboard Club.
  • Untitled Journal.

Is Stanford nerdy?

It’s no secret that most people who go to Stanford were nerds in high school. What’s unique is that Stanford students embrace that title. Being a nerd here simply means being passionate about something you deeply care about, and that’s cool.

What is Stanford secret snowflake?

Secret Snowflake is a Stanford tradition that typically takes place in freshman dorms at the end of fall quarter. Students who sign up are matched with a “Secret Snowflake” in their dorm who gives them a “task” or dare each day for a week.

What are the Stanford Dollies?

The Dollies, a five-member female dance group, have been a part of Stanford since the 1940s. They were integrated into the Stanford Band in the 1950s. Together with the Band and the Tree, the Dollies appear at Stanford’s sporting events. They choreograph their own dance routines and design their dresses and costumes.

Is Stanford religious?

From its founding, Stanford has committed to be a non-denominational school, meaning that it does not identify with a specific religion (unlike many other major universities).

Are Stanford students friendly?

Students are optimistic, fun, and intellectual. Bright, creative, career-oriented, friendly, socially liberal and relaxed. Students at Stanford come from around the world and will likely be some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.