What do I do with Zireael sword?

What do I do with Zireael sword?

The sword is given to Geralt by Master Ort at the now-abandoned Nilfgaardian Garrison at White Orchard. It can only be obtained if the so-called “good” ending of the game is achieved. The sword does no damage in combat as it is intended to be given to Ciri, as a fitting way to start her witcher career.

What is the most powerful sword in Witcher 3?

The Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword is often regarded as the best weapon to kill human enemies in The Witcher 3. The sword can only be utilized by players who are at level 46 or higher, and the diagram for crafting the Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword can be found hidden near Kaer Morhen.

How do you get Tor Zireael silver relic sword?

It’s fairly common knowledge that the Tor Lara relic sword can be obtained from the cave just north of Rogne which also happens to be the exit of the ruins in which you obtain the Sunstone. Tor Lara can only be found between levels 15 and 25.

Is Zireael good Witcher 3?

With armored foes, Zireael might be the best steel sword in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Why do they call Ciri Zireael?

According to Blood of Elves, her name is derived from the Elder Speech word Zireael, Swallow.

Is relic gear better than witcher gear?

Witcher gear is almost always better based on the fact it upgrades with you. Saying that some pieces can be replaced. I use Assassin gauntlets relic instead of Witcher gear. Witcher stuff does only level so far where as relics can be found at all different levels.

What is the best silver sword in Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3: The 15 Best Silver Swords, Ranked

  1. 1 Aerondight. 522 – 638 Damage.
  2. 2 Tlareg. 540 – 660 Damage.
  3. 3 Tor Zireal. 540 – 660 Damage.
  4. 4 Cantata. 576 – 704 Damage.
  5. 5 Gesheft (Craftable) 508 – 620 Damage.
  6. 6 Tah’rel. 481 – 587 Damage.
  7. 7 Wolven Mastercrafted. 284 – 348 Damage.
  8. 8 Harpy. 427 – 523 Damage.

Where did Ciri get her sword?

Ciri’s silver sword, a gift from Geralt after getting the good ending of Witcher 3. The runes are platered in gold, the hilt is covered in mantis skin.

Why is Ciri called Zireael?

Is Ciri’s sword silver or steel?

Ciri her sword is made of meteorite steel, she doesn’t posses a silver one but she does know some oils (learned from uncle Vesemir).

What is a Tor Zireael?

This is a page about Tor Zireael, a Relic-tier weapon in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information about this weapon’s components, its price and weight, how to craft and upgrade it, and other properties. No Diagram exists to craft this item.

Is it possible to get Tor Zireael’s sword?

If you are on a Console all you can get is the Zireael sword but it’s not the same as Tor Zireael & you don’t get to keep it.

Where can I find Tor Lara steel and Tor Zireael silver?

Not in the console version seems to be just on PC only & the Tor Lara steel & Tor Zireael silver seem to be random pickups from chests however many people report getting them from the cave during the Sunstone quest & from chests in the area around the Nilfguard camp.