What country is autograph from?

What country is autograph from?

Pasadena, California, U.S. Autograph is an American glam metal band formed in Pasadena, California in 1984, best known for their hair metal anthem “Turn Up the Radio”.

Who is the lead singer of autograph?

Simon DanielsAutograph / Lead singerSimon Daniels is a Brazilian singer best known for being the current lead singer for American glam metal band Autograph. Daniels replaced original lead singer Steve Plunkett after he quit in 2013. Wikipedia

How old is Simon Daniels?

57 years (June 24, 1964)Simon Daniels / Age

Are Steve Lynch and George Lynch related?

But if you want to hear a guitarist who could shred with precious few equals on the Sunset Strip, with not a single duff solo in his entire back catalogue, here’s your man. Oh, and he’s no relation to George, if you were wondering.

Who did autograph open for?

Van Halen
On the strength of performances opening up for Van Halen, Autograph signed a record deal with RCA and released their debut album Sign In Please. The lead single Turn Up The Radio has grown into one of the ’80s most popular rock anthems.

Who was the guitarist for autograph?

Simon DanielsSince 2013
T. J. Helmerich

Why did Steve Plunkett leave autograph?

Previously, Lynch had indicated that the reason why Plunkett did not participate in the Autograph reunion was because he was too busy with his business projects. In an article published on Sleaze Roxx in January 2015, Lynch was quoted as saying: “We approached our original singer Steve Plunkett about a reunion…

Who is the lead guitar player for autograph?

What is George Lynch’s nationality?

AmericanGeorge Lynch / Nationality

Spokane, Washington, U.S. George Lynch (born September 28, 1954) is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for his work with heavy metal band Dokken and his post-Dokken solo band Lynch Mob.

What happened to autograph the band?

The band left RCA in 1988. The original lineup finally broke up in 1988. The band has also release compilations of leftover material called Missing Pieces and More Missing Pieces as well as an Anthology Album. Plunkett also released an Autograph album entitled “Buzz” in 2003 of which he was the only original member.

Who was the drummer for autograph?

Keni Richards1983 – 1988
Eddie Cross1988 – 1989Matt Laug2002 – 2005

Where is Steve Plunkett now?

In 2007, he was appointed General Manager of USA-Yahoo! Music, a new music venture between NBC/Universal/USA and Yahoo! to discover and develop emerging talent. Steve also continues to write, produce and license music for his publishing company – Plunksongs and for various projects.

How did autograph get its name?

The group of musicians began playing and recording together, soon taking the form of an actual band. Plunkett chose the name “Autograph” for the band, having been inspired by hearing Def Leppard ‘s similarly titled song, ” Photograph “, on the radio.

What year did autograph turn up the radio?

” Turn Up the Radio ” is a song by American glam metal band Autograph and the lead single from their 1984 debut album, Sign In Please. The song received significant MTV airplay, due to the song being their one big hit, Autograph are typically categorized as a one-hit wonder.

What happened to the band Autograph?

After a triumphal success and exhaustive touring throughout the USSR, Autograph became the first Soviet rock-group to achieve commercial success in the West, having toured more than 30 countries. On July 13, 1985, the band – the only one to represent the entire Eastern Europe – took part in Bob Geldof ‘s Live Aid concert,…

Why did Plunkett name the band Autograph?

Plunkett chose the name “Autograph” for the band, having been inspired by hearing Def Leppard ‘s similarly titled song, ” Photograph “, on the radio. They recorded their first rough demos in late 1983, but played them only for a few close friends.