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What basketball does Ohsaa use?

What basketball does Ohsaa use?

Rawlings CompOhioCB
1.10) Game Ball: The official game ball adopted by the OHSAA is the Rawlings CompOhioCB (boys) and the Rawlings CompOhio28. 5CB (girls) and is required to be used for all regular season and tournament contests in grades 7-12.

How many quarters can you play in high school basketball Ohio?

Players are permitted to play in six (6) quarters in a day. (See Rule 33 for tournament exception) Coaches should check the official scorebook prior to the start of the game and make sure that the official book has the correct number of quarters played in the proceeding game so as not to have 6th quarter violations.

How can I watch Ohsaa boys basketball games?

News from the SWDAB

  1. www.OHSAA.org | twitter.com/OHSAASports | facebook.com/OHSAASports.
  2. OHSAA Boys Basketball State Tournament – Where to Watch and Listen.
  3. The state championship games Saturday will be televised live by Spectrum News 1 (Channel 1).
  4. In addition, the OHSAA Radio Network will broadcast all 12 games.

How many high schools are in Ohio?

There are 1,360 high schools in Ohio, made up of 1,152 public schools and 208 private schools. Ohio ranks as the 8th state in terms of student enrollment and 7th in terms of total number of schools.

How many timeouts does Ohio high school basketball have?

*Each team is given 3 (45 second) timeouts per game. No carryover in overtime. Each team is allowed 1 timeout per overtime session.

How many points is a regular field goal worth a free throw a shot from outside the arc?

If a basket, or field goal, is made outside of the three-point arc, then that basket is worth three points. A free throw is worth one point.

How do I watch Ohio high school wrestling?

Action can be watched on any Internet browser, on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV.

Who is the best basketball player in Ohio?

Rnk Athlete POS
1 LeBron James SF
2 Neil Johnston C
3 Jerry Lucas PF
4 John Havlicek SF