What are tap handles called?

The parts that you turn or lift to control the flow of water are labeled “handles” or more explicitly, “lever handles” or “knob handles,” etc.

What are tap handles called?

The parts that you turn or lift to control the flow of water are labeled “handles” or more explicitly, “lever handles” or “knob handles,” etc.

What are the taps in bars called?

A beer tap is a valve, specifically a tap, for controlling the release of beer.

Are tap handles universal?

However, all faucet handles and faucets produced in the U.S., even if made by different manufacturers, are interchangeable as they have the U.S. beer industry standard 3/8″-16 UNC threads. Currently there is no adapter piece available for fitting handles with European threads to faucets with U.S. threads or vice versa.

How do you make a bar tap handle?

How-To Make A Wooden Beer Tap Handle

  1. Step 1: Cut the wood to size.
  2. Step 2: Drill space for the threaded insert.
  3. Step 3: Glue and let dry.
  4. Step 4: Rough turn it on the lathe.
  5. Step 5: Sand to perfection.
  6. Step 6: Coat in walnut oil and let drip dry.
  7. Step 7: Cure the finish with friction polish.

How do tap handles work?

Simply screw the beer tap handle onto the beer faucet lever turning clockwise until it is hand tight only. On the beer faucet lever there is an adjusting knob that allows you to align the beer tap handle to your desired location.

How does a Kegerator work?

A kegerator works by applying carbon dioxide pressure on the keg in order to push the beer upward and out of it. Although carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of fermentation, the cylinder allows for constant and even pressure to be applied to the keg while it’s tapped.

What is the top of the keg called?

Today’s beer kegs are made of stainless steel. The modern single valve (sometimes referred to as Sankey) keg has a single opening on the top. A tube called a “spear” extends from the top of the keg to the bottom. There is a sump or shallow well at the bottom to ensure as much beer is emptied out of the keg as possible.

What is the standard size for a beer tap handle?

Standard tap handles typically measure between 9-13” tall and no more than 3” wide and/or deep. Short tap handles, also known as shotgun tap handles, range between 4-6” tall and no more than 3” wide. Always keep the width at 3” or under. A ferrule can be internal or external.

Are keg handles universal?

Are Tap Handles Universal? Most of the time tap handles come in different shapes and sizes displaying their brewery’s logo. However, the black tap handle is a common tap handle that can be found just about anywhere and works on most beer faucets.

What size screw is a beer tap handle?

3/8″-16 UNC
Thanks to a miracle of modern standardization, virtually all beer faucets feature either a 3/8″-16 UNC (United States) or M10×1.5mm (everywhere else) external threaded post for mounting a faucet, which means that the only things you need for making your own handle are: Something you can drill a hole into.

How can I get help with a beer bar tap handle?

Contact our team via live chat, email or phone – we’ll be there in an instant to provide you with professional consult and assistance. For beer bar owners, a pub style tap handle bearing the logo of a famous brewery is essentially a marketing message that you want to put across.

What are the different types of tap handles?

Tap handles in various shapes and sizes to outfit your kegerator or draft system. From novelty tap handles to generic tap handle styles, and custom tap handles your tap handles not only tell your friends and customers what you’re serving, but they also add style to your bar.

Do you need a tap handle for a kegerator?

If you have a home bar, a beer tap handle is a must. Pair this with your kegerator or home draft system to create the perfect home bar experience. We have beer tap handles for almost any beer drinker, Domestic and Imports with many sizes to accommodate any home bar.

How much do sports tap handles cost?

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