What are some tools speech therapists use?

What are some tools speech therapists use?


  1. Laryngeal videostroboscopy.
  2. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems.
  3. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
  4. Speech therapy mobile apps.
  5. SLP resource websites.

What are the speech tools?

Frequently Used Tools for Speech Language Pathologists

  • Adaptive Communication Switches. Infrared Switches.
  • Sound Measuring Apparatus / Decibel Meter. An Electroglottograph (EGG)
  • Stroboscopes. Diagnostic Stroboscopes.
  • Tablet Computer.
  • Voice Synthesizer.
  • Analytical Software.
  • Medical Software.
  • Office Software.

What materials do speech pathologists use?

11 Free Speech Therapy Materials from Speech and Language Kids

  • CV, VC, CVC, CVCV Cards.
  • Visual Aids for Teaching Children to Self-Calm.
  • Tell Me about it Adjectives Game.
  • Sequencing and Following Directions Game.
  • Preschool Vocabulary and Question Cards.
  • Data Collection Forms for Speech Therapists.

What technology is used in speech therapy?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are using computers, tablets, smart phones, smart boards, and more in speech therapy for a variety of purposes. Parents are able to download apps and computer games to help their children practice their speech and language skills at home.

What is Z vibe?

The Z-Vibe is a vibratory oral motor tool that helps build oral tone to improve a variety of speech, feeding and sensory skills. Use it to provide a varied sensory experience and/or to provide targeted tactile cues within the oral cavity.

What is SLP toolkit?

SLP Toolkit is a web-based service designed by school based speech language pathologists for school based SLPs. The built in tools and content guide the treatment of a student throughout the duration of the IEP.

What are articulation cards?

The Webber Articulation Cards can be used to target a variety of skill areas including language development, articulation, memory, and listening. Each card contains a target word and a corresponding picture. Cards come in pairs, allowing for a variety of fun extension activities and and games!

What is the entire world of R?

The Entire World of R Program includes everything you need to screen, evaluate, elicit, remediate, and maintain the difficult /r/ phoneme. Get it all together in one money-saving combination. Get our most popular and newest items in one money-saving package! Savings of over $80.

How does technology support speech-language and communication?

Technology can play an important role in supporting early communication, language and literacy by offering new opportunities, such as interactive and intuitive story telling e-books and apps, as well as other services, such as online video calling.

How has speech Pathology changed technology?

When used correctly and judiciously, the iPad together with digital speech therapy tools can transform the therapy session. It has been reported that they can increase children’s attention spans, engagement, willingness to participate, and the productivity of your sessions.

What are chewy tubes for?

An innovative oral-motor device designed specifically to provide a resilient, non-food chewing surface for practicing biting and chewing. Chewy Tubes handles have corrugated ridges to assist the grasp – especially useful for those who are visually impaired.

What is the best articulation app for kids?

Articulation Station from Little Bee Speech is one of the most comprehensive articulation apps designed for children to learn how to pronounce and practice different sounds. The program allows users to practice at the word, sentence, and story level in 22 sounds that target the initial, medial, and final positions of words.

What are Speech Buddies placement tools?

Speech Buddies Placement Tools treat the five most common problem sounds. They treat mild to severe speech challenges and have been proven to improve speech 3-4 times faster than traditional methods alone. Speech Buddies Placement Tools are easy to use. They train the tongue to make the correct shape by providing targets that you can feel.

How many speech therapy tools does Speech Buddies have?

It includes five tools that fix the R, S, SH, CH and L sounds. Each tool teaches children how to make the correct sounds by using targets that train proper tongue placement. Many parents fix their child’s mild to moderate speech problems using Speech Buddies Placement Tools.

Why choose articulation station from Little Bee speech?

Why We Chose It: Multiple activities designed to help kids practice words, sentences, and comprehension will help your child boost their speech skills in no time. Articulation Station from Little Bee Speech is one of the most comprehensive articulation apps designed for children to learn how to pronounce and practice different sounds.