What are some examples of descriptive adjectives?

What are some examples of descriptive adjectives?

Examples of Descriptive Adjective

  • Alex is a nice person.
  • He is a cricketer.
  • I bought a genuine product.
  • I am a self-reliant man.
  • He has a beautiful niece.
  • She is a clever girl.
  • Give me that red big grammar book.
  • I have an old touring car.

What are the 2 types of descriptive adjectives?

Adjectives are words that describe nouns. Specifically, adjectives describe the action, state or quality that nouns refer to. Descriptive adjectives are the largest class of the three most prominent types of adjectives. The other two main types being quantitative and demonstrative adjectives.

How many types of descriptive adjectives are there?

Understanding that there are three main types of descriptive adjectives can provide further insight on how these important words can be used. With a good descriptive adjective resource and a little creativity, you can begin to add more personality to your writing.

Is exercise an adjective?

Exercise is also a noun. When you exercise, you move your body energetically in order to get fit and to remain healthy. Exercise is also a noun.

How many descriptive adjectives are there?

With a list of common adjectives at hand, you can effectively describe your surroundings in detail. The words on this list of 228 adjectives can all be used to describe feelings or the appearance of objects and can also make it easy to describe yourself, your surroundings and your favorite things.

What is an adjective descriptive?

A descriptive adjective is an adjective that modifies a noun or pronoun by describing it or expressing its quality.

How do you memorize adjectives?

There are several things to remember when using adjectives:

  • they are describing words. eg/ Small, green and deadly.
  • generally, adjectives come before nouns.
  • Adjectives change (modify) the noun (and pronoun) in some way. eg/ It is a red one.
  • they usually answer questions like these:

What is an easy way to identify adjectives?

Look for a word before a noun that describes the noun. The nouns is the person, place or thing that is the subject of the sentence. Then, check to see if there is a descriptive word right before the noun. If there is, then it may be an adjective.

What are some examples of adjectives in a sentence?

Adjectives exercise 1. He is ………………… than his neighbors. 2. The brides were much ……………… than the grooms. 3. He is too ………………… to be taught. 4. He is ………………… than I thought him to be. 5. When the old woman became …………………, she began to move about. 6. He is much ………………… now. 7. The offer was too ………………… to be true.

How do you use superlative adjectives in a sentence?

New York residents are often busy. We had fun listening to classic French music. Music by the French is fun to listen to. He speaks Russian. He speaks the Russian language. 4.Choose the superlative adjective in each group of sentences: I like dark coffee.

Which sentence contains the correct compound adjective for overworked?

From each group, choose the sentence containing the correct compound adjective. Jennifer is overworked. She has been putting in 12 hour days lately. Jennifer is overworked. She has been putting in 12-hour days lately. Jennifer is overworked. She has been putting in 12-hour-days lately. Jim prefers spicy, Caribbean-style food.