What are name tests?

What are name tests?

Nametests, which has 120 million monthly active users thanks to Facebook pages in different languages, offers tests and quizes which spread across social media. The developer said it had “no evidence of abuse by a third party.”

How do I get rid of name test?

How do you remove it? Find in the list of apps and clik on the x to the right of it to delete it: When you are asked if you want to delete it, confirm.

Why can’t I play NameTests on Facebook?

1 – Check to see if a NameTests app is currently enabled on your Facebook account. If it is, disable it right away. This post explains how. 2 – Change your Facebook password to a password that’s very secure, yet easy to remember.

Who is behind Nametests com?

Social Sweethearts is a Facebook application that has been around for years. The app is owned by a European company called Social Sweethearts. The German company market themselves as global digital publishers of individualized content and claim to have 250 million registered users and nearly 3 billion monthly users.

What is Facebook name test?

NameTests is the service behind popular Facebook quizzes, such as “What Would You Look Like As a Drawing?”, and “What Will You Leave behind You in 2018?”. The vulnerability was reported by hacker Inti de Cekuelaire, who is a member of Facebook’s Bug Bounty Program.

Why you shouldn’t play Nametests?

An ethical hacker found a security loophole in, a popular maker of Facebook personality quizzes. The flaw could have exposed the Facebook data of more than 120 million users to third parties. Nametests said there was “no evidence” that data was misused.

Do Facebook games cause viruses?

The Facebook platform itself does not have the ability to place files directly onto your computer without your permission. Consequently, simply opening an app on Facebook’s platform cannot lead to your computer being automatically infected with an app’s malware payload.

Who created Nametests?

The company behind NameTests, German app maker Social Sweethearts, created popular social quizzes like “Which Disney Princess Are You?” and distributed them on Facebook, and it has around 120 million monthly users on the platform.

Are online quizzes safe?

Online quizzes can be fun and informative at times, but it’s important to be cautious when engaging with them. Your online quiz answers are easily accessible to other online users and that could give hackers a way into your systems and accounts.

Are Facebook tests safe?

Additionally, Facebook quizzes may lead you to a website with dangerous downloads, or have malicious links and possible viruses included in the questions. In 2019, CNN reported how this practice was used in a scandal, wherein Ukrainian hackers used Facebook quizzes to install malicious browser extensions.

Can a virus hack your Facebook?

Malware. Malware — malicious software — is another tool that a hacker can use to take over your Facebook account. Keyloggers are programs that record everything you type into your computer. The person controlling the keylogger then has access to your login information.

Is Nametests safe to play?

What does the name testing mean?

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